NNW Rover prototype

Hey everyone, after much debating, i decided to get off my lazy ■■■■ and make a new prototype, because the other one well…was crap

Yesterday i cut the bottom and sides out (with a table saw rather than a hand saw this time :unamused:) , its a lot smaller than it was originally going to be at 5 1/2" X 9 1/4 " this is because i have decided to give the electronics their own seperate box to live in on the rover to help with cooling and also to stay away from a nest of wires all in one box

i have the sides up and the motors in place and i will be making battery mounts inside later today, ill post some pictures once i find the camera :angry:

anyquestions oranything, feel free to post

hey everyone, here the pictures i promised you, the motors are set up like some one else rover i can remember :confused: im going to post a picture of my previous prototype for comparison :open_mouth:

Iso of Prototype
view looking lengthwise into the prototype
motor mounting holes, i plan to use those other 2 screw hole later wen i dont need to take the motors in and out as much
the brackets holding the side on (VEX)
looking at bolts on inside

old protype :open_mouth: :blush:

Very clean! Its going to be track, right? Cuz theres only 2 motors :stuck_out_tongue:

Have you measured everything out? Will it all fit? I can’t imagine it all will :S My suggestion for the fans, put one on each side (front/back) as intake fans, and one on top as exhaust (since hot air rises) Youl get some nice airflow in the bot keeping 'er cool :slight_smile:

Nice job though! I JUST realized how MASSIVE those motors are :neutral_face: wow!

well, as i said, im going to have a seperat compartment for electronics and stuff, the pictures of wat i posted will only contain the motors and batteries, oh yea, so far it weight about 3 lbs, motors batteries and frame :slight_smile:

Oh, I must of missed that part about the compartments! I guess that will work too.

3lbs? Heavy lil fella, eh?

well, i got the battery brackets done, made them out of Vex bendy bars :laughing:

ill post some pics tomorrow, camera out of batteries

well, i got more work on the rover done, i made a battery holder and cut the top panel out as well as all the panels for the electronic compartment, later today i will be drilling the holes for the top panel to be held onto the sides

also i got the electronics copartment to sit in place on top of the rover, i admit, it does look a bitt silly and i may be resizing it, but it fits everything well, in cluding the fans, inside of it

here are some pictures :slight_smile: telll me what you think

Iso of rover with battery holder

close up of battery holder

Electronics compartment stading by itself

inside view :stuck_out_tongue:

iso of the electronics compartment on top of the rover along with wat the brackets will look like on it

side view of the same thing

again, id love to know wat u guys think, comment/critisism welcome

Very nice. You’re doing great on this. You sure managed to squish a lot of stuff into that little platform.

By the way, nice battery packs. :wink:

ty evolution, i think i will need to redo the side though, but thats later cause i dont have enough track to do it the way i want it :confused:

im going to glue the electronics compartment together tonight…or staple, not sure

then im making the back of the electronics box which will hold the fans and then ill just have the electrnics left…oh yea, the track to :slight_smile:

and then i should be able to run it :smiley:

ill keep u updated :slight_smile:

Hey, wow! Those batteries look small when you put them next to the motors.

Nice job. If it were me, I would make the electronics compartment smaller (not to high) and make it symmetric (slope thing on other side too). This way when its moving forward or backwards it will have the same speed and there will be minimal drag.

You thought about curving the top?

You could also put an 40 or 80mm fan on the slope or on the top section of it.

Make sure to take pictures of the revision, if you make one, and the compartment open showing the electronic goodies :smiley:

I strongly recommend having a fan there because the motor controller will get HOTTTT and it will need major cooling. You can cover the fan holes with dust filters to prevent water from coming in.

yup, im going to have fans in therem 2 at the back pulling the air through the front, and i already got it covered with the dust filters, and yea, im planning on making it not as high once i see how everything fits into it, also, i think ill keep the compartment the same shape because the fans wouldn’t fit into the compartment like i planned

One thing that you can do is this:


The arrows show the direction of airflow through the fans.

In the electronics compartment, put the motor controller upside down so more of the air can hit the heatsinks. Then put the other electronic stuff on it with standoffs leaving a bit of room for air to get through (5mm should be good).

I think that would be a wicked awesome design! You can use 40mm fans for everything except put 80mm fans for the two top ones and one blowing in on the electronics compartment. Those have about 30-40CFM while the 40mm ones have like 4 lol… A 120mm fan has like 75CFM :astonished:!

idk if that would work cause the motors would mess the fans up entirley, they blow out quite a bit of air because of fans designed to keep them cool plus i dont have the moey for that many fans xD

Evos got a ton of fans :slight_smile: Make some deals with him! I cam going to be buying a pack of 4 x 80mm fans for my project next month. Once I finish testing with them, I can donate them to your project.

that’ a nice job! very clean! can wait to see it moving!

Hey everyone, today i got a TON of stuff done, and the rover is actually finished except for the track system 8)

i wired everything up today and connected it all, and some how managed to sqeeze it into the electronics compartment and the little space left in the motor compartment id have to say that getting all the wires through all the little holes anf getting them to the right place was probably the hardest park of this entire project :open_mouth:

so, here the facts, it has a 5" X 91/4" foot print and weighs a good 4-5 lbs maybe more (my scale isnt accurate)
for electronics it has the Sbaertooth 2X10 motor controller and a Mini ABB with Basic Atom plugged in, the whole electrinics comepartment is cooled via air pulled through the front and sucked out the back by 2 40 mm fans

2, 9.6 volt 7.46 lb ft motors thats run at 271 RPM power the little tank which i am overvolting to 12 volts for more power and convienice

without futher adieu (sp?) i give you the pictures which is the only reason why you are reading this now :laughing:

iso of rover

front of rover

the motor compartment and neat wires

1 of the two holes for the wires between the 2 compartments

basic atom in electrinics compartment

the saber tooth

the fans that pull the air through

the back of the rover :stuck_out_tongue:

lemme know wat u guys think, comments suggestions :slight_smile:

WOW, nice design!!! very well done!
I like how the fans will work, so, do you have the tracks or you will buy them?
can wiat to see a video


i have the tracks, and its a simple modification of the sprockets that will aloow me to use them

ill get a video up as soon as possible

Which tracks are you using? Are they the lynxmotion ones?

no, they are VEX tracks, if i have the LM ones , it would be driving by now :laughing: