Need a programmer against payment for programming my robotic arm


I am new here and after I just finished building my robotic arm due to an idea of a friend who wants to play chess with it and now somehow he got cold feet in regard to programming it. Yes, Sh… happens as Forrest said.

I have a modest budget around US $ 100.00 and perhaps could go a bit higher according to the quality of the program.

The program so far at the moment should NOT be able to play chess. Just for moving it via a GUI from a PC and perhaps as second alternative at the same time via Slide potentiometer. I have 4x 5K slide potentiometer available for this.

Below the images of the robotic arm sitting next to a chessboard made by another friend skilled in carpentry.

The motors are 3x Nema 17 and the drivers is 3x TB6600 as well as one RC Servo SG90 for the gripper.

Please anybody interested in this contact me so we can talk about my requirements. Important is that programming es needed for an Arduino UNO or Arduino MEGA 2560 and it should be written clear so I can understand it and also learn a bit of it. I used to program myself a few years ago for Arduino but now at age 69 this is getting more complicated for me.

I have build a Solar guider for my equatorial mounts as well as a vibration sensor and programmed about 70% of the software for them as well as 70% own designed PCB’s.

Thanks and regards


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Hello @NHSA and welcome to the RobotShop community!

Nice project! Sad to hear your friend wasn’t able to program it. Unfortunately, I’m short on time so I won’t be able to able to help program the robot but I thought this might help you out or give you some ideas:

Good luck with your project!

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Hi Geraldine ?,

Thanks. The point is that he did not know to proceed, the point is he seemed to have lost interest.

Thanks for the link to that. Will go through it and see what I can do …

regards Rainer

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