My Little Robot

So this is my very first robot build, have been wanting to build something since my little boy was born 2 years ago. felt that the rubbish plastic quad bikes were so over priced for what they were.
I Also work in Education and wanted to build something for kids to program, either for a lesson or an after school club. 
I love the  raspberry Pi and hope to program all controlls through bluetooth PS3 controller.
My Brother In-Law has also inspired me with his Raspberry Pi: Mars Rover.

I have set a budget of about £160, about the price of a ride on kids vehicle (A Good One ).
So far I have bought my motors,pillow blocks, wheels, axles and other bits and bobs. I did at first struggled to work out a way of finding some hubs to fit my wheels. I ended up buying the Invacare wheelchair wheels (with hubs) removed the hubs, which was really really hard since they had been added on with lock tight.

Once they had been removed, my next challenge was to remove the hubs from the Pneumatic wheels, this was a task and a half, had to hammer them out, i was expecting them to come apart after Unbolting lol. Once I removed them I used the drill to make the 4 holes just slightly larger so that it would fit my hubs. bought some new bolts from good old screw fix (x10 £1.50, Bargain) and they bolt in lovely.

Over the next few days I will be measuring up and drilling my holes to fit my 2 wheelchair Motors and back wheels.


lots of fun had over the last few 2 weeks.

I ruffy fitted my pillow blocks and motors so i had all my holes already drilled

I used a few lengths of solid wood, made a cross to reinforce my chassis, jumped up and down on it to test. all good and no blood. Then i unbolted everything back down to the chassis ready to cover.

The metal cage i had was full of drilled holes from what it was used for in its previous life, so I popped to the trusty old Pound shop and bought a load of vinyl flooring tiles, 4 in a pack for a quid ! bargain lol
Cut them all up to fit, leaving a few mm at the top to allow the lid to pop back on.

Once i'd covered all around the the sides and inside, i bought some carbon fiber vinyl wrap.
Went half way from the front end to half way to the back end, then folded over and under. 
Top part was a little harder as i had to use the wife's hairdryer on max heat setting. this was to loosen up the corners and pull them down, was a pain, but I managed to pull it off. 
Quick pleased with my result.

Added a metal plate underneath to reinforce, even more

Refitted all my motors and pillow blocks

Then added the wheels

Still loads more to do, looking at Sabertooth ESCs but 2x32 is about £100 trying to find alternatives and of course batties to power.

Currently using my quadcopter 3s batteries to power and flight gear to control, but only a temp solution.

Just a little update, I have managed to grab 4 UPS 12v batteries and have bought a MDD10A which i've hooked up ruffly and tested. runs lovely, even better when at 24v. will add pictures etc when installed

Inside almost done, just need to do a be a rewiring and hook up the Pi to the motor controller, then its python time


After a few weeks of messing around with the MDD10a with the raspberry pi, found that its right pain to code. I have now bought a Sabertooth 2x12 and hooked it to my old Cheerson CX20 quadcopter TX and RX.  Worked really well. heres a video of my son driving, hes pretty good for 2 years old.





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Not too little

That’s actually a medium sized platform. Looks really well done! How had you made the metal frame?

Metal Frame

The Metal frame had some TV equipment in it mounted up on a wall in a school i visit. the company took there equipment but left 2 frames behind, though what the hell i could use them for my chassis 

Little ?!?!?!

It’s pretty big ! Anyway it looks very nice ! Can it drive you around ? Nice idea to teach your son programming too, it should be a very fun toy for him : )

some rc help please

umm, hi, i have an invention im working on so i cant give all the details i would like to to get the information i need but im wondering if someone here can still advise me on what i need in terms of an rc control system and a possible LOW COST(im on ssi, scrounging parts where i can) supplier. i need a wireless control system to operate hydraulics(me and my coinventor think its more forgiving than other options if we hit something), the robot is about 500 pounds, about 6 foot by 3 foot, right now i just need it for navigation, just forward and side to side, and back and side to side, that is all i can really say, can someone help me? maybe point me towards a source?

Hi there,I was in the same

Hi there,

I was in the same shoes as you trying to go cheap on the motor controller, I tried the MDD10a  (Cheap motor controller) which endded up being a right pain to use. Any kind of robot project your need a sabertooth Motor controller. I have moved to a Sabertooth 2x12 and its supprised the hell out of what it can pull seems its only 12 amps with 25 short burst, but in a 24v series.

the 2x12 is £60 including shipping from france, they post really quick.


Let me know how your getting on

Hi opidopi, yes it can

Hi opidopi, yes it can carry anyone around on it. takes my weight easy and im a big 42 year old guy.


With great power comes…mayhem! That thing is so cool.