My Little Robot "Mark 3" Final

After many attempts at building a robot of my dreams, the reality hit me that, I’m not an engineer, I’m an I.T guy with a wife and 2 kids and don’t have a massive amount of free time, nor can I cut, saw in a straight line lol. So I’ve now gone with what I think will work allot better that my previous attempts.

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@parkerbird Nice bot! Wish I could see more information though since I am quite not sure about much about your robot. I have never built an outdoor robot so keep up the good work.

i m an IT guy too but I know alot about robots
suggestion put curciut diagram

great robot!, what motors are you using on it?

They are x4 invacare wheelchair motors

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i wish i had one of those

Love this Been trying similar with tank tracks from bicycle tyres

Wish you could give a fuller account of it where did you get the wheels etc… parts list
Can you tow anything with it Small lawn mower ? Did you add any suspension . Does it suffer from vibration shaking it loose ?

anyway very jealous Do please show more like an instructable maybe . Save us all re-iventing ciao MsO

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Hi There,
I’ve been dying to get a hold of tank track and that’s what i wanted to build in the beginning, but couldn’t find anything.
Just looked at your PDF, hope you can show a build off with that.
Parts list is pretty much in the description.
Wheels are from Ebay. Wheels
Its pretty powerful and has pushed a Ford Focus
No suspension as of yet, as thinking about doing something along them lines, but doesnt have any issues, no vibration or shaking, everything inside is pretty solid

Anyway come join us on

Hello Parkerbird love to see what you are up to . sadly I dont do social media. sorry. I figure this application robotics to " urban farming " allotments what have you is popular even a money maker to whoever " consortium " can get it together ? Wish there was a dedicated category for it here. .
The starting effort is mechanics . Caterpillar / Tractor wheels / 4 wheel drive ? And what recycled parts you can get to put it together Jeez in germany you can buy 2nd hand w/screen wiper motors/ and anything else from a recycle website . Not here .

these guys google “super droid” Have the pitch right. But one hell of a price from the USA

Happy to explain further my poor mans idea cyle tyre ot tank track… Which bit didnt you get ? Its a nylon wheel ( castor) drilled round to accept M5cover nuts at a pitch determined by the standard chain Every 3rd link. a nylon M5 crew goes through and held with the cover nut . When all drilled the knobbly cycle tyre is then simply screwed to the chain using theh same M5 m/c screws . You get the pictuere of a chain with a load of screws through it at a pitch. And a picture of a large 200mm nylon wheel with holes around its circumference to accept teh ptich of teh screws. Poor mans sprocket and chain . BUT of course you need to guide the chain over the circumference of the wheel or it will FALL OFF So teh modestly blocks are screwed ( M4 ) either side of teh wheel circumference as the chain guide over the wheel Well its cheap , self lubricating and easy cheap repair . but very boring to construct if all you have is ordinary tools and no workshop vice. LOL Ms O

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Are you going to put your idea to use ?
Whats your plans and what are you hoping to build ?

Hello Parker bird Like to BUT I must now attach the wheels to a chassis of some sort and find suitable motors . drive axles . ( cant visualise that .

  1. I have no workshop . No welding etc. I do most things with a drill or a file and the work between my knees
  2. I’m getting too old.

BUT . This is practical concept for a cheap track. I see no other. Except you buy in proper at huge commercial price Bless the " snow mobile" reclaimed tracks to same machine on this site . Jeez where are we going to find a chucked out pair of snow mobile tracks ? Let alone if they go wrong you have no spares.

Anyway I attach pdf supplement to concept just for you . Now

  1. I want you to build it and put it into a chassis with two crawler speed motors ?
    2 If we can prove it we have possibly a very price competitive “all terrain” robot to market. With affordable maintenance.
  2. Send me phots of what your into

cheeky When will prototype be ready ? ciao Ms O cycle tye to tank track part 2.pdf (396.0 KB)

My first robot i built, which is on here, i had no workshop, just a tiny shed to store everything.
I built the entire thing in my garden.

Am betting you can do the same !

ahh your the mark 3 one. As you say your pretty low on ground clearance. Why I wanted 200mm dia
anyway might give up on tank tracks go 4 wheel .
Got any detail on how you fixed the invacare motors to the wheels ? Intermediate chain and sprocket ? Where did you get the wheels from ?

I wish to complain : says you have a grand garage with a carpeted floor !! ( LOL)

everything else on this site is fascinating but just too small . Ms O