My Female Android Robot Project Update

My Female Android Robot Project Update.

Hello everyone.

As you know there are a few female android prototypes in the market or seen at the convention show.
However, the androids are very simple because they can’t walk, and some are simply pre-recorded voice
or very simple AI.

I want to be the first to make an advance android female robot that can walk with AI that can interact with people
and the surrounding.

If it works GREAT, and if it does NOT work …life goes on with a large credit card debt.

Short form spec for the android.


Project Name: Project Aiko
Code Name: Aiko
Height: 153 cm
Weight: still adding more hardware
camera: 3 cameras with 3ccd
battery: MN-polymer
Mainboard: C7 with 8Gig solid state.
Sensors: 12 sensors (max 16)
DOF: 30
Software: Sandai (advance version)

Sandai can Not handle center of gravity when wearing shoes.
CPU and memory intensive
Must connect to the internet to get data from our server.
(Can run without connecting to our server, but action are limited)

Aiko body was custom made from implant silicone from head to toe, therefore, it looks and feels as close as a female human.
The body is now being re-done and re-designed in Japan with our new specification to make it looks more female like with a slimmer body and lighter weight.

I am hoping to have a demo video sometimes this week.
In the mean time, I have upload the pictures.

I put the picture behind the black background, because I thought it looks better.
p.s. If you have any suggestions, please post it here or email or PM me.


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Looks good.

And it looks like your credit card will have a[size=200] BIG BIG [/size] bill :wink:


Update June 19/07

Here is some more pictures.
There is a lot of screws around her head, but lucky she has hair to cover them.
The glass is going to be polarized lens. To make the vision clearer and to make the
camera vision see better.

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that looks very good, excellent progress

looks a bit freaky without hair though :open_mouth:

Man, this is like something out of some si-fi movie. It has a little strangeness to it. :open_mouth:

ya, it looks like you’ve been doing some cloning (clone wars MARVEL) :smiley: 8)

Hi here is the video…

Sorry, there are a lot cut scenes, due to youtube limit of 10 minutes.
I have to cut some part out.

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Thats really cool. Aiko recognizes a lot of stuff and has alot of cool features. :smiley:

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WOW! very impressive!

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You thought that was impressive.
Wait until the body is finished.
If everything goes as planned, it will be my own personal slave android.

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um, sorry, this is a little creepy… :slight_smile:

lucky :slight_smile:
i always wanted to have a robot slave :laughing:

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One thing that needs improvement is the mouth movement. It sorta reminds me of that baby doll that can be fed baby food, back in the late 70’s to eraly 80’s

remember those comercials?

No, becuase I wasn’t born yet :stuck_out_tongue:


“One thing that needs improvement is the mouth movement. It sorta reminds me of that baby doll that can be fed baby food, back in the late 70’s to eraly 80’s”

Yes, there is always room for improvement.
Need to redesign the silicone jaw to be more flex.

First need to get the silicone body done, after that if there is any money left, I will go back and re-design the silicone head with more flex jaw.

It is really sucks when You don:t have money for project, but one step at a time.

Dont get me wrong, you have done a great job, but the limited movement of the mouth kind of spoils it for the rest of the fine work.

Yea,i kinda noticed that too.

Hi all

I know there are still a lot of works to do for Aiko.
That is why I like to post on the forum, to get your inputs and suggestions.

In case, you are wondering what is project Aiko?
I have written a short abstract… hopefully it make more sense now what I am trying to achieve with Project Aiko.

What is Project-Aiko?

Here at Project Aiko, we are trying to design an artificial intelligence neural network system which uses both dynamic software and hardware linked together to mimic some human behaviour.

By using our custom designed artificial intelligence software named the Bio Robot Artificial Intelligence Neural System (a.k.a. B.R.A.I.N.S.) together with our custom designed shell which is a facsimile of the human female body, we have created what we believe to be a uniquely designed android (a.k.a. Aiko).

Aiko’s head and body were made from silicone, which gives the body a more natural look and feel of a human figure. Aiko has the ability to have a conversation with you (13,000+ sentences), including the ability to learn new things. Aiko can read books, newspapers, including the ability to solve math problems. In additional, she can recognize colour, faces and simple objects.

In the future, we hope to be able to implement advanced functionality such as being able to distinguish between two different drinks and then being able to bring it to you. Other functionality would be an ability to massage your shoulders and neck, having Aiko tell you to bring an umbrella when it rains or wear warmer clothes when it is cold outside. That and much more is planned.

Our approach to this project is to have things be modular which gives us the ability to add more functionality and sub-systems in the future as permitted by our resources, such as a taste bud and breathing system.

Le :smiley:

It sounds good to me. 8)

hey animetown9
awesome project but tell me how were you able to come up with the AI program?