See them work
left is skull mold ,Right is skin mold

Well , Been working on the skull this weekend cutting and trimming .
And alot more to do .I set teeth in dental acrylic,
But the teeth will screw in , So I can remove them for the mechanics.

WOW! Very impressive, I really like the site. But you need to put more information on it , great pictures of your work though.
Do you do this professionally? Or is this a hobbie that has consumed you like robots have most of us?


Just my hobbie ,30 year hobbie. My dream piece. Robot with skin.
Im a dental lab tech.

My ANIMATRONIC PROJECT Is 2 projects . is being filmed on DV ,Im making a " How to video" for this animatronic.

That is just plain AWESOME!

The “wet” look of the teeth and gums is particularly nice.

Very nice! I can’t wait to see video of it in action.

Your work is very inspiring!

I would like to see a lot more people interested in making robotics of a more organic nature.

Battle bots would sure be a lot more fun…


That is over-the-top coolness!!

Are you planning on wearing that like outfits in The Dark Crystal or Alien?

Or are you going to build a whole animatronic machine?

Hold on a sec, let me drool a bit…


Very nice artwork.
He sort of reminds me of an elderly ET, gone feral.

Heh I was thinking that too. A cross between E.T. And Archer from Small Soldiers.

The would make an awesome Gargoyle.

What did you make the skull out of?

Thanks Guys

Its going a computer, Just the head

Smooth-Castâ„¢ 305 Series Liquid Plastic
Fiberglass sucks to me.

Edit: This monster will have hair ,A Hairly alien ape.

I only have one question, are you taking on any apprentices?
What a very cool project! You are definately an artist in your medium. I can’t wait to see the entire process documented and the finished project.

If you are making an instructional video or something along those lines I am serious about learning how to do this!

Tinman :slight_smile:

Thanks Tinman ,
Yes Its a instructional video,When finished so far it look like a 5 disk set.

Cool, In college (which I never finished) I was an art major.
I still do some stuff on occasion, I’ve been doing alot of vaccum forming. If you have been reading the other treads here on the forum you can tell covering my bot with an exoskeleton is as interesting to me as the technical side of this hobby.
My intention is to build a humanoid robot with a degree of autonomy that looks like something people would expect from a movie.
Funny, people in general have a certain expectation of how robots should look. Obviously this is influenced from what they see and are familiar with from movies like “I Robot”, “Starwars” and other sci-fi favorites.
For me this is a challenge I have committed to and plan on fullfilling. The fun is seeing how close I can come to making something that everyone thinks about but never really expects could exist in real life.
It is a big challenge for me since I have little electronics background, fortunately the structural and artistic side of things come very naturally.

Once I get a little further along in my design phase I’ll share it with you and the other guys.


Tonight i put in a Brand new High Torque Digital Servo
This is the back of the skull ,This servo is for the up down movement.

I will work on left right movement this weekend

I assume this is the up and down movement for the entire head, yes?
What servo are you using? Is it the 5995? The reason I ask is because if the head is heavy one servo may not do the trick.
What is the wieght of the piece you are lifting?


It looks like a large scale servo compared to the 3/8 or 1/2 inch bolts in the picture.

Looks like 5645.


I’ll give ya 2:1 odds.

Any takers?


It works ! The test work great ,But The skull will be balance out later.