My 8x16 led matrix

UPDATE:  6 Oct, 2013Ok, I have been too lazy to update this as this was done a month or so ago. I hereby declare this project complete. It is now bigger and better! Below are some photos and a video of the completed matrix and driver board(click any picture for a larger view)-The Matrix-The dri

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Great work sanc04!This is a

Great work sanc04!

This is a challenging project especially when you have not built something like this before, but it sounds like you learned a lot during the process. I’m sure your skills have been much improved by this project, you should indeed be proud =)

thank you TeleFox


Update- I attached the code

Update- I attached the code for this (tried my best to explain through comment lines)

next project?

Well done sanc04! There are a cople of projects at club jameco – – if you are looking for another challenge.


Brilliant piece of work. Even the soldering!! You made your own arduino from the chip!. Must look up how to flash the chip with the Arduino bootloader. My effort still only has 8x8 LEDs.


I didn’t look at the code yet. Are you usingthe shift registers to scroll the bits across, or are you just using them as single line drivers to the columns?

Both in a way, scanning

Both in a way, scanning across the cloumns while feeding the rows with appropriate bits. Three shift registers are used to scan the columns and the fourth shift register is controlling the rows.

So, i turn up a column, shift the corresponding byte in the row shift reg, then next column with next corresponding row byte, then next… When all the 24 columns are scanned (several times at a very fast rate for some time, so we can see it as a continuous display) i shift the matching row byte of a column by one place so it is now synchronised with the next (left column) thereby scrolling it by one place in left direction :slight_smile:

Thank you :slight_smile:

Thank you for the nice words Base :slight_smile:


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Your boards are inspiring!!! Most excellent work!

Thanks Roxanna!

Thanks Roxanna!