My 3d printed Animatronics

My 3d printed Animatronics been a very long time obsession

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Wow! What an amazing job!

They are very impressive, you should definitely share them in the Robots section and maybe share some more details about how you made them! That way you could participate in the Robot of the Month Contest and have a chance to win a prize.

Hope to see more of your work in the future!


Hello I’m Gary And I want my sculptures to move…the traditional way Sculpt the head ,mold the head ,and Demold ,add a layer of clay to mold ,this will give you thickness of the skin and the core mold . Mold the core to make the skull … and skull work adding your mechanics… Well in thinking like makeup fx in movies the actor has a life cast made of his / her face and clay is place on the life cast to the creature or some character is Sculpted … I want do the same for my robots designs…And 3d printing will make this happen.3dprinted willettfx2a copy Concept 2014



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Test Test and test again



#3dprinting Animatronic update the only 2 pieces not shown is brow and lower lip hinge … but here is 24 pieces and most have supports to remove… large skull print time little over 12 hours , skull lids each was 9 hours …designing ,mirroring , clearances , mechanical, puzzling , with less supports… now skull pieces connection to one main skull piece to make professional print …

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yyeesssss :rofl:

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Designing in Sketchup

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@willettfx1 Welcome to the RobotShop Community! Is… is that baby Yoda? Easily recognize the other creature just trying to remember which movie it’s from.


  1. Considered creating a custom head (outside of any contract) and commercializing it? A nice head with two arms (3DoF or 4DoF) perhaps in a sitting pose could be quite popular.

  2. New Lynxmotion servos which may be of interest for future designs (also RC compatible):

  3. Sketchup is great free software - if SolidWorks is bank-busting, take a look at Alibre for as low as $99:

Really hope you decide to put together a tutorial here.

the baby creature I design it so it can be any creature… change teeth , change ears and jaw etc…

VSA software Adding 4 quick eyelids blinks at end of program movements, longer the bar slower the Servo movement shorter bar is faster

I design the baby to enlarge from 20mm black beads to 30mm

baby creature enlargement… How I check measurements for eyelid and the 30mm bead eye … copy the inside center axis/ hinge point of the lid socket and printed test socket… part 2 video is showing the enlarged skull piece which was a 26 hour print… size compared 20mm eye and 30mm eye… and all pieces to print using sketchup

I love servos

Conventional way is the creature is Sculpted ,mold It ,cast it ,and make the skull and add all the mechanics and servos and hope to have enough room … My concept is like adding makeup to the actor face … life cast is made and Sculpt a creature on the life cast … instead of a actor’s face it’s Animatronic life cast … 3d printing makes this possible… it’s reverse engineering… design eyemech ,earmech and mouthmech this is modular design , add these in 3d space and digital Sculpt over these parts…