Modifying Load cell output

Hi. I want to make a digital weigh scale using load cell that can measure weight of a cardboard / paper stock. I have to display a number based on the weight… Like display 1 for 500g to 600g; display 2 for 600g to 700g, etc.
I am a beginner to electronic projects. Can you please let me know of boards or kits that can do this. Any information on components needed and how to do this project will be helpful to me. Please help.

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Hi @Saranya5 and welcome to our forum!

We are glad to hear about your project.

According to your description, my guess is that you want to make something like this:

Am I right?

What would be the maximum weight that you would like to measure?

Thank you for the link. It is a great starting point for me. It shows how to display the force / weight.

My requirement is to take this weight, compare it with a range value already defined and display the range value.

For ex. I first assign 3 identifiers x, y, z.
x = 720g to 840g, y = 841g to 960g, z=961g to 2000g.
If the paper stock’s weight is 900g, output displayed should be y.
If the paper stock 's weight is 1000g, display should show z.
These range values for x, y, z should be input manually through keys whenever needed.
Can you guide me to the components and projects for this.
Maximum weight of paper stock is 5kg.

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Hi @Saranya5,

You would need these:


Thank you. Do you have a tutorial that will help me do this project? I am a beginner… A step by step tutorial would be helpful.

Yes. This should guide you well: