Minitaur like micro quadruped robot

Hi everyone.

This is 8 servo quadruped. each leg is 2DOF 5-bar linkage type.

inspired by Ghost robotics Minitaur,

now uploaded trot gait code, and has some problem in turning. & can't jump because of lack of motor power,

I'll test some gait pattern for bigger one......


material of final version.

- Tower pro sg-90 micro servo*8

- Adafruit 16-Channel 12-bit PWM/Servo Driver*1

- Arduino pro mini 5v 16MHz*1

- AA battery holder *2

- AA battery*4

- laser cutted MDF part.

- some jumper wire

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Details please

Nice job. Can you supply some design insights such as construction methods, sensor, debugging?? Perhaps a few closeup pictures showing your specific implementation.

Happy Dance

Cute video! Any benefit to extending one of the links to make the leg(s) longer?


well, l’m not good at English, so I interpreted it in two meanings.

1. if you meaning longest link(3mm longer then opposite one), it protect hinge and Function as mount of sandpaper to prevent slip.

2. if you meaning make leg longer, mayby it make robot more agile, but more unstable. also causes the need for consideration of servo’s maximum torque because it may increase of  leg’s inertia. anyway It’s worth testing. :slight_smile:

and sorry for late reply. I have not been able to confirm LMR for a while. ㅠㅠ

sorry for late reply

I really want to do that, but can’t upload enough picture because I don’t know how to! 

I think I need a little time to adjust LMR… :frowning:


Hi Red comet. It is very nice project. I am student. I am working on same project to you.
Could you send to me your arduino codes. I will you just for study nor for sale.

What’s your e- mail address?

Hello red comet! I am also a student at University and we are trying to develop a smaller prototype of this just like you have as a project in our autonomous systems lab. We we’re having trouble with the control part of it…so could you please share the code for that… Thanks a lot :slight_smile:
My email address is [email protected]