Lynxmotion's 3DoF Robotic Arm & Accessories

Lynxmotion's Smart Servo (LSS) actuators which are part of the new Servo Erector Set (SES) V2 system can be used to create all kinds of robots. In this post, the three degree of freedom (3DoF) arm is described, along with a variety of accessories. Curious to know the differences between Lynxmotion robotic arms? A table is provided showing SES V1 and SES V2 robotic arms.

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Is it possible to make this type of ARM using any of the Lynxmotion Robotic Arm kit?

Is there any with a greater number of DOF?

@rooppoorali Certainly, and fairly easily too. Do you want to use RC servo motors or smart servo motors?

Ex: Lynxmotion SES-V1 AL5D PLTW Robotic Arm (5 DoF) Kit - RobotShop
This uses RC servos and includes a wrist rotate

This uses smart servo motors and includes a wrist rotate

I am thinking about ordinary servos like the MG996. Are those compatible with Lynxmotion arms?

Although this post was about using the MG996 in a Lynxmotion biped, the bracket system is the same and provides a detailed explanation:

It’s really hard to make brackets which can be used with a variety of servos, since there are almost no standards in the RC servo industry except for voltage and signal.

Thanks a lot.