Lynxmotion Quadrino Nano - UAV / Drones Flight Controller

Hi All,

We are, at Lynxmotion, very proud and exited to introduce a new UAV / Drones flight controller born from a partnership between the well known FlyingEinstein and Lynxmotion team. We focused on many things on that project:

The Press Release:
RobotShop Continues its Expansion in the UAV Market by Acquiring FlyingEinstein’s Technology

  • Have all the available and up to date hardware MultiWii support
  • Mount all that hardware on the smallest possible size format
  • Provide an easy to use Software Updating Tool
  • Integrate protection to the bare PCB

After many long months of work around those constraints, we are ready to show what we did for you.

The Lynxmotion Quadrino Nano Flight Controller is available on RobotShop and Lynxmotion :
Lynxmotion Website
RobotShop Website
[size=]Pre-Order price of $99.99 (normal price of $149.99)


]ATmega 2560 (256Kb flash @ 16MHz) Processor/:m]
]Compact, six layer PCB design/:m]
]Mounting options: 3M double sided adhesive foam or screws/:m]
]Vibration dampening mounted PCB/:m]
]Arduino bootloader making DIY / hacking projects possible/:m]
]Onboard micro-USB connection / programming port/:m]
]Invensense MPU9150 sensor chip which includes:/:m]
]3 Axis Gyroscope/:m]
]3 Axis Accelerometer/:m]
]3 Axis Magnetometer/:m]
]MS5611 Barometer with foam cover/:m]
]Latest Venus838FLPx 50Hz GPS chipset with external antenna (SMA connector)/:m]
]50Hz GPS update rate/:m]
]NEMA serial output for OSD (On-screen display)/:m]
]Motor port with eight speed controller outputs /:m]
]Radio port with eight radio channels inputs/:m]
]use all four AUX inputs/:m]
]Two free serial ports (use for SBUS and/or Bluetooth or 3DR radio links)/:m]
]Three I2C ports, of which two are 3.3V and one is 5V/:m]
]0.96” OLED port on-board/:m]
]Spektrum R/C receiver port/:m]
]Servo port with five outputs/:m]
]2x10 I/0 connector expansion port/:m]
]LIPO alarm port and LED indicator/:m]
[size=]What’s Included:[/size]

]1x Lynxmotion Quadrino Nano PCB (assembled)/:m]
]1x Dark “smoked” transparent case with damping via rubber grommets for PCB/:m]
]1x GPS Antenna SMA with 15cm cable/:m]
]1x Radio connection wiring harness/:m]
]1x Motor controller wiring harness/:m]
]1x Micro USB data cable/:m]
]4x 4-40 x 0.75" screws (for mounting the case to a frame via holes)/:m]
]4x 4-40 Nylon Lock Nuts (for mounting the case to a frame via holes)/:m]
]1x 3M double side adhesive Foam (for direct mounting to a frame)/:m]

[size=]Overview & Size:[/size][/size]



Here are some pictures of the actual Prototypes we have on hand.
So you know this is a real and not just CAD drawings.

We need the Lynxmotion Quadrino Nano to be in perfect working order before shipping them to any customers. This brings us the need to accurately test each unit prior to even packaging them in the injection molded casings.

To solve this, we worked on making an application that would test everything needed in one action. It uses a custom programmer tool made of an Arduino Nano board with the right connector and pin-out for the Quadrino Nano and the boards USB.

Keep in mind that this software is not needed for customers, only for Manufacturing / Testing of the units. We wanted to show it as a teaser of the progress we are making.

Here are the different steps tested with this software:

]Burn & Verify the Arduino Mega Bootloader to the ATmega2560/:m]
]Program a custom Test Firmware / Sketch to be able to run all the other tests/:m]
]Test the Bootloader / Test Firmware / USB Serial/:m]
]USB Data test for large amounts of data/:m]
]I2C Lines verification/:m]
]Gyroscope test for normal behaviour/:m]
]Accellerometer test for normal behaviour/:m]
]Magentometer test for normal behaviour/:m]
]Barometer test for normal behaviour/:m]
]GPS presence and power-up/:m]
]Program the Venus GPS chip for default settings/:m]
]Program the MultiWii sketch/:m]

Everything is done automatically. The Arduino ISP programmer is first detected and then the Quadrino USB initiates the process.

Is it fairly safe to assume that this will work well on the VTails at release then, since it’s MultiWii-compatible? And given it’s built-in GPS, is it capable of things like a pre-programmed flight?

It will be MultiWii compatible and of course VTail compatible.
Waypoints are on the way for MultiWii and GPS so it has to be tested.

Hi All,

We have updated the second post with Prototypes pictures.
This will give you a view of the actual products and packaging expected.


Hi All,

We only have the “Beta” parts here so we didn’t do any weight tests yet. We are also waiting on the final wiring harness.
Tuesday, we received a set of “Fast Prototype” for the casing that should weight about the same as the final injection molded casing.

So… This morning i got some weight tests to do:

]Quadrino Nano - Case + PCB + Screws + Dampers + GPS Antenna + Wiring Harnesses + 3M Mount - 64.22g/:m]
]Quadrino Nano - Case - 11.62g/:m]
]Quadrino Nano - Wiring Harnesses - 6.72g/:m]
]Quadrino Nano - GPS Antenna - 29.12g/:m]
]Quadrino Nano - 3M Mount - 0.82g/:m]
]Quadrino Nano - PCB - 11.88g/:m]

Ok, before you say it. There are some missing weight here so the total of the individual parts don’t match the full pack. (Screws / Dampers)
Here are some pictures of them on the scale this morning.

Hope that help,

Hi All,

Some more pictures of one of the prototype 3D printed cases.
Ready to start production of the real injection molded units in dark smoked plastic.

Hi All,

Here is a quick update, we received the injection molded cases for approval yesterday.
We think they look awesome, but that’s just our opinion.
The units will ship assembled, and the PCB will be black as opposed ot green.

Hope you like them,

Ok, I have a dumb (IMO) question. As I an very new to UAV flying (but having a great time).
Ok, the question; what else will I need to get to have a working Hunter V tail? I am planing on getting the complete kit (less the controller. battery). I under stand that this has a GPS, but how can I use it? A laptop?

Thank you to anyone than can clear this up for me. As I stated, “very new”.

Hi Phrek,

Welcome to the RobotShop / Lynxmotion forum.

We have to remember that we all been new to something and all questions are worth to be asked.
The Quadrino Nano will be used with MultiWii software and therefore it will be able to do all the MultiWii features.

The GPS at the moment is used for “Return To Home” and “Keep Position” in MultiWii but the next version will include “Waypoints Navigation”.
Those settings are to be set in the “GUI” or General User Interface. There a bunch of GUI available some for PC and some for Mobiles (with the addition of a Bluetooth module to the Quadrino)

You can take a look a the WinGUI which will be provided in our downloads.
Or the EZ-GUI on Play store

Don’t hesitate to ask questions… :wink:

Thank you very much for taking the time to reply!
I see that I have some reading to do :slight_smile:.
I am not to far from the Sacramento Area Modelers air park. I am hoping to go there and ask question and look around.

Thank you again.

Is it possible/likely that there will be ArduCopter firmware available for the Quadrino Nano? From what I’ve been able to find out, the chipsets are very similar between the ArduPilotMega 2.6 and the Quadrino Nano.

Hi Emisune,

That’s a very nice question you’re coming with.
We plan on making ArduCopter firmware to expand the list of features of the board.


Hi All,

This is a very quick update, because we got some picture of the finished PCB from the factory:
Thanks to all

Even without ArduPilot, the Quadrino Nano was probably going to be my choice of FC for my Hunter V-Tail 500, but with the possibility of getting ArduPilot as well I’m decided.

On order!

Many thanks for your order.
More updates about the product soon… :wink:

Hi All,

We will be advertising the Lynxmotion Quadrino Nano in some magazines related to Robotics and MultiRotors.
Here are the two Ads in both English and French, enjoy…!

Hi All,

We have a little update with the cards.
Some minor changes where made to be more accurate and helpful.
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