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The Lynxmotion Quadrino Nano Flight Controller (with GPS) was originally designed as a flight controller for drones but, it also has awesome applications for robotic rovers too. Composed of an ATmega2560 (Arduino Mega Chipset), a collection of sensors, GPS and a host of I/O options it is an ideal “sensor ball” for navigation, positioning and more.

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Nice explaination,
Actually I want to know, if I want to add a code written by me as per my drone application can I able to burn that code into this microcontroller kit?
if Yes, could you please explain me the process? It would be a great help.
Thank you…

@Prathamesh - The Quadrino Nano is an Arduino compatible flight controller so you can add or write your own code if needed. It use the MultiWii project. You can start by using the code HERE.


my question is about uploading the Arduino sketch to the board:
Typically when one uploads a new code to a microcontroller board (in this case Arduino board), it replaces the old code which was on the board.

Following instructions in this blog post, to access the raw sensor values of the sensors, one should upload “QuadrinoNano_SensorData.ino” file to the Quadrino board. At the same time Quadrino board runs the code of the flight controller specified in this MultiWii Github project.

Do I understand it right: If I upload the sketch for accessing the sensor values, this sketch overrides the existing MultiWii flight controller code on the board. So technically after accessing the raw sensor values the controller will not work, and one has to upload the whole MultiWii project with the flight controller code before flying?

In case my path of thoughts is not right, please, correct me.

Thanks in advance!

Best regards!

The code will indeed wipe the previous “project” loaded to the board.
This RAW Value project is only intended to be used as a starting point to create a project using the Quadrino Nano.