Lynxmotion protocol programming

Hi, I working on a robot arm project and i have just ordered a lynxmotion high torque motors. so i need to know more about their protocol and how i can control them through the serial communication with an AVR microcontroller.

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Hello @john97
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I recommend that you check this article:

Here’s the serial communication protocol for the motor as well:


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Hello Ebram…
thank you for paying attention to my question.
I read the protocol very well and i understand it. i’m asking about how can i send this commands by the microcontroller serial communication using an AVR microcontroller as atmega328p on the arduino board.

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Hello @john97

Have you downloaded the software? … if not here’s the link:

And for the Arduino, you should download the Arduino Library for Lynxmotion, here’s the link:

Here is the commands list :