LSS Config stuck on "Obtaining telemetry... /"

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Hey Scharette,

I have the same setup for the servo as Martin, and my LSS Config program still stuck at the “Obtaining telemetry… /” line when I hit connect, while my servo flashing red in servo mode, as I can read the Position, Current, Voltage and Temp… The window is not in “maximized” view.

I tried on 2 different laptops, one with a 14" display 1366 x 768 resolution, and on with 15" with 1920 x 1080.

Both the servo firmware and Config program up to date.

Can you help me what can be the problem?


Hi @DanSz,

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The newest version of the LSS Config should have no issue with those screen resolutions.

If I get this properly, you are connected to the LSS and the software reads the telemetry (position, speed, current, voltage temperature) and displays it in the graph area?

Sure! But I’d need more details on what the problem is exactly. From what you’ve said, it seems like the LSS Config is connecting to your LSS HT1 properly but the LSS itself is flashing red (indicating an error state).

In your reply please provide the following:

  • One or more screenshots of the app showing the state (more pictures if more than one state)
  • One or more pictures of the setup, clearly showing all components (LSS, adapter, power source, etc.)
  • Maybe a short video of the process from power-up to connection and error state/issue?
  • What happens if you send “reset” ( followed by [return] ) in the command line? Does the flashing red light stop?


Thanks for your reply.

My setup is the following:

  • LSS-ST1 servo,
  • Lynxmotion Smart Servo (LSS) - Adapter Board (Usb mode, no pins installed)
  • Lynxmotion Smart Servo (LSS) - 300mm Serial Cable
  • Power Supply Output 12VDC 6A Input 100-240VAC w/ Switch & Molded XT60
  • Mini USB cable

Yes, it can read the Position, Current, Voltage and Temp:

If I send the reset command I can see the red yellow green LED as its reboots, than starts fleshing red right away. From the button menu I only can enter the update / reset menu.

But I only noticed now that in the status bar in the config program its says: SAFE_MODE

But I can not find a way to exit that.


Thanks for the details & screenshots!

Perfect setup, then! :wink:

Concerning your screenshots, you may notice that the reported Current is over 2000 mA.
For an idle motor this should be 0 mA! Therefore, your motor is most likely in Safe Mode due to a perceived over current condition. You can confirm this by sending Q1 in the command line (see Query Status’ second part on the Wiki for more details).

Unfortunately the only way to fix this will be to replace your LSS-ST1 with a new one. The one you currently have has a damaged current sensor which will prevent it from working properly. While such a production issue is rare it does happen sometime. No worries though, we’ll get you a replacement shortly.

I’ll convert this topic into a private support ticket so you can send us the info required (order #, confirm shipping address, etc.). You should receive an email shortly.


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