Litter-Robot Open Air Available Now at RobotShop | RobotShop Community

Would love to know when this becomes available in the UK. Looks great!

@Kate We are working with the manufacturer to make this great product available to UK and Europe. We will make an announcement when this product will be available. It should be within the first half of 2016.

Do you ship to APO My husband is Military are we are stationed in Germany but we do have 110 outlets where we live.

@Doubtmii Unfortunately, we do not ship to APO addresses.

Hi, I live in Italy and I’m waiting for the availability in my country ; you have no idea when you’ll start to distribute it here too ?

@Lino We do not have any precise date for all Europe, but we are working with the manufacturer to distribute this product within the next few months.

When can we bye it i live in Belgium

@Philippa We should announce a release date for Europe in a near future.

Hi , I live in Australia.
Just wondering do you do Shipping to Australia?

@olivia We certainly ship to Australia.

@olivia, yes we do ship to Australia, but we do not cover the shipping charges. Also the plug for this product is North American but you can use a simple adapter for the plug since the power supply does from 100 - 240 V.

I am going to get litter robot open air ,soon as in the stock
So excited :smiley:

Hi Coleman Benson and Olivia - I also live in Australia and really would like to buy a Litter Robot 3. Can Olivia and I share shipping costs to Australia? Postage is as much as the item, which is very expensive. I live in Brisbane, Qld, Australia! Cheers

Hi, is there any update on availability for UK orders yet?

@Julie Hopkins We should open the orders within the next month or two, stay tuned!

@Donna It is not possible to share shipping costs to Australia. The reason is items of this size has the shipping fees calculated per item, as they are shipped in their own box.

Hi just wondering if there is any news in selling these in Australia? Or is there any cheaper freight options as it shows freight to Australia as 700 USD.

Can we get an email when it is available in Europe or better, can we “pre-order” the Litter Robot Open Air, it’s urgent, our current Litter robot II is definitely broken. Our 3 British shorthair cats can no longer hold there pee :slight_smile:

@Mac Patrick, currently it is not possible to set an email notification for this product as it is not live on our Europe website, same for the pre-order. The product should come live on our Europe website within the next 2 to 3 weeks.

@Brad, it is only possible to order the Open Air for Australia trough our US website. It is considered to be an International order that is why freight is more expensive.