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Update: The Litter-Robot Open Air is now available in Europe and United Kingdom at RobotShop!

Litter-Robot announced a few months ago that they were coming out with a new product in the robot pet care category. The Litter-Robot Open Air, is the newest model and a major revision to follow the

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Hi. When will it be distributed in the UK? At the moment it is far too costly to ship over and too big to smuggle back home in my suitcase! I’m off to Atlanta next week.

@Darren Unfortunately, we do not carry the Litter-Robots in Europe/UK anymore, for now.

So from the date of this post saying you have the Litter Robot Open Air to withdrawing sale of all their products was 5 days?! When do you expect them back?

@Bry Sorry for the confusion. The Litter-Robot Open Air is available on our Canadian and US store, but it won’t be available in the UK and Europe for now. We do not have any expected date for these stores. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi. Fantastic product! Afraid I’m one of the many enquiring as to when this will be made available to the UK market. Do you have any plans to retail in the UK in the near future? If so, any rough estimates on when this could be - Q2 / Q3 2016 a realistic possibility?

@Mat There’s current plan regarding the UK/Europe market but we cannot give any estimates regarding this possibility. Stay tuned to our blog and if we have any news, we will let our customers know.

Many thanks @Mathieu. In that case, I see that your US branch does deliver to the UK. Can you confirm that if I make this purchase, that the correct transformer will be supplied (i.e. I will only need to use a plug socket converter)? Also, that the warranty (and extended warranty, if purchased) will be valid? Will their be international support for any product issues?
Thanks again!

@Mat Carey Our US Store does ship worldwide, including the UK. If you make your purchase on our US Store, the product is shipped with a US power supply, but you would simply need to purchase a US to UK adapter, since it can accepts voltage from 110V to 240V. The warranty and the extended warranty (if purchased) will be valid, but you would need to pay for the shipping to and from RobotShop. We will certainly support our products!

@Mathieu - Fantastic. I have one final question (promise!) - If I was unfortunate enough to have a fault with the product within the warranty period, would I be able to ship to any international Robotshop hub (e.g. France) for repair?

@Mat Carey If the product is sold in Europe at the time you are having problems, then you would be able to send the unit to an International RobotShop hub for repair. Usually, we simply need the base, without the globe and the drawer. It would help with the shipping fees. Also, we can ship parts if possible, to save you the shipping fees as well.

@Mathieu - More good news. I thank you kindly, and will definitely be making a purchase!

Hello from Canada. I am ready to make my first purchase of the Litter Robot, and I want it to be the Open Air model, but it looks as if there is “No Stock”? Please advise is that is incorrect? I really NEED one! Thank you!

@Rebecca We are currently waiting our stock, but we would strongly suggest you to pass an order for this product, since there’s a lot of demands for it. Once we received our stock, it will be shipped as soon as possible.

Hello @Mathieu - I just noticed that the stock expected date has been amended from 12-18-2015 to 01-29-2016. Is this for additional stock, or can you confirm if stock has dispatched for orders place beginning of December? Thanks.

@Mat Carey Your order from the beginning of December has been shipped on the 17th. We suggest you to verify your email, you should have received the shipping confirmation along with the tracking.

@Mathieu - As always, you deliver nothing but good news! Apologies, I had missed this email. I see from the tracker this is due to arrive today. Many thanks, and Happy Christmas to you all.

can find no where to buy in UK… really want it… please open the worldwide shipping!!

@Ada We should announce a release date for Europe in a near future.

Please can someone notify me when the litter robot 3 open air is for sale in Belgium??
I want to have one right away! I can not wait!!!