Litter Robot III Open Air Magnets

I was replacing the liner for my Litter Robot and I found 2 rectangular magnets on the floor. I don’t know where they came from but they must have been I the globe somewhere. I opened up the spring key and found 2 more.

Needless to say, nothing functions at all now. Any idea where these magnets belong?

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Hi, these magnets come from the Globe and must be placed in a specific position to trigger the Hall Effect Sensor in the base of the robot. This will allow the robot to track position of the globe.
For further troubleshooting, we suggest you contact us via the support center.

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Could you please show me the position of magnets?

Here are 2 magnemagbut 3 holes…

Please tell me how to resolve it!! I’m not living in USA.

Hello, I’m having the same issue trying to figure out where the magnets should be placed. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I went to the above website you suggested but could not find where/how to position the magnets in the litter robot open air. If anyone can provide step-by-step instructions/directions it’d be extremely helpful.


Did anyone get a response on this question?

How many magnets should there be? What positions should they be in?

Hey @AaronPM

I suggest you to take a look at the following blog, it’ll show you all you need to know about the magnets and the globe:


I checked mine, as I have three litter robots. Two magnets in the top double holder and two in the bottom double holder. The single holders about an inch apart were empty.

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Regarding Litter robot 3: I see the two openings where the magnets go. I put them in and the globe still does not complete rotation. It worked perfectly until I took it apart to clean. Do the two magnets need to go in positive (attracted to each other) or negative to each other? Just cant figure why it wont work all of a sudden.

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Hi @woodsprite53058,

Please check out this blog:

If you returned magnets and the globe is still not rotating properly, try swapping places of magnets, and then it should work fine.

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Hi everyone,

I came across the same problem.
A few days ago I disassembled the globe to do a thorough cleaning. I didn’t notice three of the magnets falling off. I was doing the cleaning outside and could only found on pair of magnets, the two other pairs could not be recovered. Living in Japan, there isn’t any store anywhere selling the same size magnets. I tried to put some I found at my local DIY store that were a close match but still, it never worked.

I then proceeded to the “authorized dealer” in Japan. No contact, no phone number of course. They sell every single spare parts for the Litter Robot EXCEPT the magnets.

I then contacted the maker support. I explained my problem but the fist question I was asked was “where di you buy it”. Then I was simply told: “you have to replace the globe”. Awesome… so for a couple of magnets that cost a few bucks I have to replace the entire globe which cost of course more than an hundred bucks. It’s just a JOKE. Shame on Littler robot and their design. Nothing prevents the magnets to fall off, no stopper, no glue, not even a little tape. Such a bad design is just pathetic and the even worse customer support put the final nail on the coffin. there is a nice chinese rip off available online and I’m almost sure it’s better designed and made.

Hello @SilentScreamer,

Welcome to RobotShop community.

We are sorry to hear that you are having trouble with your Litter-Robot.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any magnets, they are sold by the manufacturer.

You can try to explain the situation to them and ask them to send you the magnets.


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The manufacturer doesn’t give care. They just told me to buy a new globe. I asked them if it was a joke and was very pissed, they didn’t even bother to reply.

I found a device made in Shangai called the Cat link which really similar to the Litter Robot. IT costs a hundred bucks less than the Litter Robot Air and has smartphone connexion capabilities… I think I’m going for this as the manufacturer of Litter Robot clearly doesn’t care about their customers…

Hello @SilentScreamer,

Thank you for your reply.

We understand how frustrating this could be and we wish this other robot will work properly.

Make sure that it has a warranty and check its reviews as well.

Also, another thought:

You can check with other litter-Robot customers if one of them has a damaged globe (which still include the magnets) then you can get the magnets from them and have two working robots.

It’s a long shot but worth trying.

Have a lovely day, stay safe.


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I found this item at my local hardware store. It works.
Item: liberty c08700c-t-c7, you can take the magnets apart and they fit into the slots of the litter robot. :slight_smile:

John H



Hey @JStyles75

That is good to know.

You actually were able to fit these magnets into the globe and robot is working fine now?

Hello @igor_X

Yes, just pop the magnets out of the plastic holder and the magnets fit perfectly into the slots and it works great. A 2 dollar fix.


That is great news.

Let’s hope it will work for a long time!