Litter-Robot III Open Air issue: Blue Blinking Light


First of all, apology for my poor English since it’s not my mother language, I’m trying to describe my issue as I can.

I bought LR3 last year. Then I noticed that the blue light was blinking persistently even the drawer is empty or removed. Then I read the troubleshooting guide, but the problem was not resolved. There is a different situation from other people’s.

Even the blue light was blinking, after my cat using the LR3, the blinking blue light was changed to RED LIGHT as usual. Then the LR3 was cleaning automatically without problem. After that, there was still BLUE LIGHT Blinking. But you know, the machine was still working even there was blue light blinking. If the DFI is broken, the LR3 shouldn’t being working, right?

My point is, if the DFI sensor was defected result in blinking blue light, the LR3 should not be working after cat using, right? Is it possible that the Main Circuit Board was broken? Or still the DFI issue?

The blue light will blink to indicate the drawer is full.

Once you have pushed reset, the DFI blue light should stops flashing.

If the blue light blinks every cycle, you may want to check your DFI Lenses for any obstructions:

  1. Turn off the unit and Unplug the power from the base
  2. Remove the Bonnet and the Globe
  3. Inspect the top of the Base where the Globe usually rests. Are there any debris? Small amounts of litter is normal. Clean as needed.
  4. Inside the waste opening there are two clear ““Lenses”” (left and right side). Ensure there are no debris on the Lenses. Sometimes litter can fall/splash onto them. ** To clean the lenses, we recommend wiping them off with a soft damp cloth and/or glass cleaner. Do not directly spray the Base or DFI Lenses. **
  5. Replace the Globe and Bonnet. Reset the black key in the back of the unit into the pocket. 6. Plug the unit back in. If you turned the power off, you will need to power it on and press ““cycle””. Once the cleaning cycle is complete, the unit should be at the Home position with a Solid Blue LED on.

Let me know if this helped.

Thanks for information. I’ve done these and pretty sure that the lenses of DFI are clear. After step 6, the blue light was still blinking, not solid. However, as I posted, the LR3 is still working even the blue light keeps blinking. It would be turned to red light after my cat using LR3. But after automatic cleaning, the light is changed to blinking blue light.

Is this DFI issue or Main Circuit Board? :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

This issue is caused by the DFI sensors.
If the unit is still under, advise.
Else, the replacement DFI can be bought here:

Here is the guide to replace the DFI:

Let me know if this helps.