Litter Robot III - Blue Light Flashing - FIXED! EASY!

I FIXED IT!!! BUT NOT WITH ANY OF THE HELP IN THIS FORUM OR ANY OF THE TROUBLESHOOTING STEPS FROM LR!!! The lights on the litter robot 3, when there is an error or problem, especially the blue light, are not logical and often false reporting - basically the LR3 is great while it works, but the programmers/designers didn’t do detailed testing on what happens when there’s a problem (In my opinion). We used litter robot 3 for 7 months problem-free then suddenly we were victim to the now notorious globe stopping and blue light flashing… cleaning lenses and all that palaver had either NO effect or would make a difference for a day or so before the problem returned. The hard reset procedure, that always seems to be mentioned as the last resort before replacement, is absolute rubbish because to do that, the blue light has to be solid and the buttons have to respond… which is exactly what is NOT the case when this happens. Even though we were in warranty, really don’t have the time to jump all the hurdles and go through all the hoops to try get a replacement base unit - and besides, we should be thinking of the environment and not just resorting to being a “throw away” society. HERE’s a tip for those still struggling with the blue light flashing and/or the globe stopping at various upside down positions, intermittently. THIS FIXED IT FOR ME AND IT CAN BE DONE BY ANYONE WHO CAN USE A SCREWDRIVER: I unplugged the power supply, removed the bonnet and the globe, unscrewed the five screws holding down the motor/button panel module (around where the cog/gear is). CAREFULLY lifted out the cover/control panel being cautious not to dislodge any wire connectors,… there I notices that the little grub screw that tightens the black cog/gear onto the shaft of the motor assembly, WAS LOOSE, and the black cog/gear wheel was sliding back and forth along the shaft. So - this was my problem… obviously, intermittently, it was sliding too far toward the end of the shaft and then the cog/gear was disengaging from the teeth around the globe and it was jumping or skipping teeth. This then resulted in confusion to the sensors/timing etc… and that was resulting in the globe stopping AND/OR the BLUE LIGHT FLASHING with a DFI full error - EVEN THOUGH IT WAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE DFI OR THE LENSES. I simply pushed the cog/gear as far back onto the spindle/shaft toward the motor as it would go, and used a hex key to tighten the grub screw so it no longer slide on the shaft/spindle. FIXED!!! HAPPY CATS AGAIN!

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Hello @jayes,

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The loose gear could easily cause the slowly blinking yellow light as the globe wobbles.

However, the DFI sensor issue, shouldn’t be related to this so this is new to us!

Was the blue blinking light turning into a fast blinking yellow light when you press the “Reset” button or this would cause the blue light to go solid?

How long have the robot been working properly so far?

Awaiting your reply.


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Okay well it lasted for four days and now it’s f**ked again. What a piece of sh*t that cost several hundred pounds.

Is it blinking blue light then turning into a fast blinking yellow light if you press the “Reset” button?

Can you provide us with your order number to check the warranty status.

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