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This DFI sensor (Product code in RobotShop catalog: Rb-ltr-72) has two circuit boards. 

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Hi, I need to replace the DFI sensors on my LR Open Air. Can I replace them with LR Connect’s laser DFI?

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Hi @oldcreek !

If you want to replace older DFI sensors with new ones, then you also have to replace the circuit board with Connect one. In this way you also get WiFi connection with your robot. We suggest you to buy Connect Upgrade Kit + new DFI sensor.

Feel free to ask anything else.

I don’t understand. How come when you want to upgrade from litter robot 3 open air to litter robot 3 Connect with the LR 3 connect upgrade kit you do not have to replace the DFI sensor board as well ?

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Hi @Jooze!

That is good question!

Recently, we were informed by Litter Robot that “old” DFI sensor is going to work with “new” Connect circuit boards.

Because of that, Connect Upgrade Kit doesn’t contain DFI sensor anymore.

Also, “new” DFI sensor has been discontinued from production.

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Need to buy new DFI, I have older model with 2 boards (IR sensor) , can it be replaced by Your product in shop?

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HI @strusland !

Yes, you can!

That is a new version of DFI sensor and it fits all Litter Robot 3 versions.

It can be installed the same way as the old sensors.

It should last much longer since the sensor is smaller and completely protected by protective coating.

Feel free to ask anything else.

Thanks for reply!

It is great news as I own couple of Litter Robot 3 and eventually all of them will need replacement . I was very disappointed with Whisker, when I have learned about poor design of this part. That solve all problems.

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Finally! Now I no longer need to use tape to close the plastic brackets to protect the DFI sensors from dust and dirt.

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Exactly! :slight_smile: It lasts much longer now.