LAC Board Issues

I’m having the EXACT same issue as this fella…can anyone help??

Hello @Michael747 and welcome to the forum!

Can you share a few pictures of your wiring?

I know that it is the same issue like @BSTGRNDPA had in Having issues with Linear actuator and LAC board, but without clear description of solution, so we will try to help again.

I hope these are clear enough. Thanks so much! I think it’s worth noting, the receiver I’m using acts like it’s not being powered when I plug it into the LAC board, as the “link” light doesn’t illuminate.

Those are good pictures @Michael747,

So you are using same actuator PA-14P-2-35? I can see your actuator wires are connected according to instructions (at least colors).

Also you’ve cut middle red wire from RC receiver standard connector which is also according to instructions.

And on power terminals you connected black and white wire. Can you check if they are not touching while operating? It looks like it could happen sometimes.

What is you power supply source? And did you try swapping actuator wires like @BSTGRNDPA?

I will search more for the solution.

Here is the actuator I am using:image

I made sure the black and white wires weren’t touching.

The battery is a Power Wheels 12 volt. I did reverse the blue and white wires, same outcome.

I will say, the LAC board won’t come online until I either plug/unplug the R/C receiver connector from the LAC board itself, then the green led light on the LAC board will illuminate.

Ok, let’s try again, sequentially connecting, like in instructions.

  1. Disconnect USB, and everything else except actuator.
  2. Connect R/C connector.
  3. Connect power supply.
  4. Is green LED on?

If not, switch steps 3 and 2 and try again. Is now green LED on?

If yes, try if actuator is working. If not, maybe you need to adjust potentiometers.

I so appreciate your help, we are in the process of moving and I haven’t had any time to try your suggestions. Hopefully I will be able to later this week. Don’t give up on me!

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No worries @Michael747 :smiley: We are here.

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