Having issues with Linear actuator and LAC board

Hello, I am working on converting a Power Wheels ride on toy to R/C. I purchased an Actuonix LAC board and a Progressive PA-14P-2-35 linear actuator with feedback. I have everything working but the actuator. I wired the LAC board following the instructions provided online at the Actuonix website. I set it up for RC. I have 12v supplied from the vehicle battery. I did not use the red wire from the r/c receiver. I cut that out as instructed. The wire from the receiver is plugged into the receiver and then to the board with just the signal and the ground. The five wires from the linear actuator are installed with the same colors in the correct locations. The one thing I do not know is if even though the wires are correct color, I’m not sure if they are the same function. I could not find that info from the Progressive Automations site. When I plug the power in and the radio receiver off nothing happens. When I turn the radio on and the receiver turns on I get a green LED on the LAC board and the wheels turn all the way in one direction and stop. If I switch the blue and white wires on the LAC board they go all the way in the other direction and stop. All four of the pots are turned clockwise. Nothing happens when I turn them while powered up. I am stumped. Thank you for your time.


It would be very helpful if you could share a few pictures of your wirings, clearly showing the connection between everything, maybe there is a problem there ?

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Thank you for reaching out. I figured it out. I finally have it figured out.


I’m having these same exact issues! Could you please describe what you did that fixed this problem.

Thanks so much!

I’m having the same issue, with the same parts. Which wires did you move, and to which ports to fix it? Thanks

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How did you figure it out I can’t for the life of me get it to work. I followed everything to a t just like this post.