Introducing the STALKER! (project ended)

That would help when it comes to the demands for torque when the servo is off its centre position.

But I’m still worried about the coxa servo since its fixed to the body using the servo horn only without any extra support.
I’m just wondering, but what’s your main reason for mounting the coxa servo at this angle?

I hope you don’t get offended :wink: , but I’m just afraid you’ll meet some real challenges at a later point.

never offended Zenta, :slight_smile: i take your words with respect.

this is why i may change the design and use the multi-purpose servo bracket
and a “C” bracket to help with that. in fact it would be how i had it at the very start of this project!

Good question there…
Well once i have the Casing added to the robot it will look closer to the original “mechanical design”. and that what im looking for in this project.


…In theory!

dont be afraid… :wink:
thats one of the reasons i enjoy custom robotics… the challange!
this being said, i do think you are right.

quadrupeds are complex enough so to be honest, im not sure why im making it harder for myself!! :confused:

this was the original idea i had:

here we can see the coxa connection.

after a re-think i have come up with this. I have re-designed the upper body… what do you think?

i feel it will make it stronger, and it also has a nice little pit for my battery to sit in! (electronic’s power)
the boards will be positioned on the back of the body

i am still keeping to the 45º offset for the coxa!

im looking to change the aluminium cube thats attached between the upper and lower body, not sure what to replace it with tho? any ideas?

one advantage i have found is that its lighter than the SES design.
which will be an advantage when it comes to balancing its center of gravity!

should be getting vacuum parts soon! :blush:


Nice design for the upper body! What are you going to attach to the vacant servo on the body? Turret?

Yeah, I saw you still have the 45 deg coxa-tilt… :wink:

Looking forward to see it comming together with the vacuum parts.

BTW, great picture quality!

Hi Innerbreed,

I have to say your design really looks cool! And the vacuum parts will give it a great finish. Great job! The upper body also looks very solid and need.

I do have my thoughts about the 45deg part. You really improved the stability by adding the servo brackets. But how do the bend L brackets hold? They look kinda wobbly… And how perfect is the angle? Both are really important to get the IK perfect.

I also think that IK would be a lot harder starting at a 45 deg angle. But that’s a good challenge :wink:

Keep us posted! :smiley:


yes the side servos are for the turrets, i havent started making these yet tho!

the camera is a Kodak AF 3X optical 36-108mm digital with 10MP!
thanks for your comments.

i find the L brackets work fine, and are very stable! :smiley:

the angles are out by about 2mm max and i know this could make problems with the IK but once i find a replacement part ill be keeping these.

thanks agian for your comments. great you find interest in my project.

Great work! what did you use to cut the flat torso pieces?

thanks… its old school really.

i never cut them LM did!

they were from my old hexapod the EH3-r:

i just sprayed them a different color and arranged them differently.
old school i know… EH3-r! 8)

ahh, now the bits and pieces fall in to place! :slight_smile:

Here are most of the imagaes i am working from.

i have spoken to Insomniac Gamesâ„¢ about getting some of the concept designs and maybe a final design but they cannot release company assets! :frowning: (bad times)
understandable really.
but they did say i can build it to their design. (good times) :smiley: many of the parts ill be vacuum formaing will be from these presentations.
most of these are screenshots iv taken as IG havent released any imagaes of their own!

i ave also add another axis to the torso:

Cool! You should enter the Mech Warfare LOL. What “gun” are you going to mount? Or only lasers?

not sure yet.
i will only be fabricating them to look like those in the game. but i will most prob add laser’s for effect.

i still need to remove the SES cube as it sits to low and the lexan pannels hit on rotation! plus it looks tacky!

any ideas? :confused:

WOW, everytime I check the forum your pet is getting better and better! Great work on the shoulders!

It isn’t totally clear to me which lexan parts hit the cube. Got any pictures? Maybe it is possible to get a round part? Pics, would make it easier though :wink:

Great project!


WOW! great work! Very creative from a mechanical point of view! Cant wait to see this thing in motion 8) :laughing:

hi xan,

i need to replace the cube as it just looks like iv thown it and i wound like something that looks better and more inplace. and taller! only by ½inch!

sorry for confusing you about the lexan hitting the cube. i mean the side panels (lexan) are hitting the bent C brackt set at 45º as the top rotates!

you can see the hight difference in the photo.
i have adjusted it slightly but need more hight.

thanks mike, yeah i cant wait to get it moving too. :confused:

What about this 5 sided Qube? I dont know what else you could use besides a short tube and two hubs.

**or **

with these:

yeah had that in mind. i do have a 3" tube laying about. i may cut it to size and use that.

thank you for your input!

i have adjusted the hight by adding an L bracket to the side of the cube. i have gained about Â