Introducing the STALKER! (project ended)

like this…

playing around with this configuration seems to work ok and i hope it will also give me more movement.


Only two legs to go!

NEW SHELL- made from excess cut-offs.

**parts arrived this morning so i have now added them to the Stalker’s legs.

what do you think?**

I have lso added the turret section. this is only messing about and will come up with a better design soon!

you can see some parts are yet to be sprayed black!


WOW :open_mouth: it looks awesome!
Very nice work Innerbreed, using a RC helicopter body cabin was very creative. And the turret… scary! 8)

Looking forward to see it walk.

Your Stalker quad rocks!

hi zenta.
thank you for your kind response.

yeah still having a nightmare getting this thing to walk.

i havent been working on this project for a while as i have been busy on another. this is a small update.

got myself some LED’s
as iv said i will be fabricating the legs so that they replicate those of the original Stalker. i have found a good friend of a friend who can vacuum form the cases!!! yay! this process will start in a few weeks once i get a chance but for now iv just got excited so iv posted some photos.

NOTE: the vacuum formed casing will be slightly trasparent so the ligts will be placed inside!

in this next video i managed to steal a Stalker and gained control till i was attacked…:frowning:

in this vid you can see the figure 8 or ripple gait…

leg design

ses stalker

i have changed the leg design due to a further study of the concept art for the stalker. its will also make a difference and make it easier to vacuum form!

to follow te vacuum forming thread follow link: … highlight=

Nice work Innerbreed!

I hope your not using a 475 for the femur part? I see the spring but have you done a payload test.

Anyway, I like it. 8)

For the moment they are 475’s and at the moment i am in the body shell production stage, but i will be upgrading them before i commence programming.

thank you for looking in on my project.
great work on the phoenix, following closly. i wish i was still doing my hex but for now i am sticking to my quad.

very inspired by you. well done.

Started work on the Shell prodution.

Working with the SES breakets and some clay. oh and some springs, and any bits i found laying about!

**The clay dry’s at room temp with in about an hour.
Once dry, i can start to smooth out any edges and make good any imperfections!

This is just a test mold but once i have finalised it and molded it i may keep to this design**

i found that the SES biped foot made a nice stand too!

This is a very interesting project. Keep up the good work.

Remember the Styrofoam part mentioned earlier in this project…


a good friend of a friend Vacuum formed it for me and here it is…

The styrofoam model i made was destroyed getting it out of the mold as he didnt use a release agent… Very important step!!! :angry:

i have now made a Clay cast of the model and i will be adding more of the detail here as clay is better to form!

Once the new molds are done… “if seccessful this time” :blush: ill post the pictures of them added to the leg. This also goes for the tibia part in last post.

very interesting!!

I wish i had the comfort of a vacuum forming machine. Nice to see it allows for such creativity.

Very interesting! Vacuum forming looks like a lot of fun. To have a design you can call your own is always a very rewarding experiance.

slight delay on the vacuumed parts…
A young student had used it and heated up the sheet too much, so it got sucked though the holes like liquid! :angry:

The machine was old so i am waiting for my friend to get a replacement as he has said its broken! (Technical Term he used was… it’s F*%~#*)

just as well as its giving me time to save up for servos (645’s) and also look over the design a bit more. i have made a few changes, but also i may be completely re-designing the chassis part as i feel the design will look better!

my next post will be once i have parts made…

ok the vacuum parts are on there way, but resently i have been working on my quad code.

With Credit & Thanks to…
Jeroen Janssen (aka Xan) for original programming phoen1.3.bas (Black Widow)
KÃ¥re Halvorsen (aka Zenta) for Balance Calculation phorip01.bas (Phoenix)

… i have now been able to genarate the code. its untested at the moment as im waiting to pick up my Atom pro and SSCv2 tomorrow.

As always i will run an update on this project once its progressed!

i have added this to the post to allow others to see what the ideas are… and 'well to show i have too much time on my hands!
need a break from programming… :confused:

'========================================================================== ' Quadruped Stalker Overview (Fig:1) '-------------------- ' ±± <--------------------Gun Cannon} (rotates to follow Rotate direction, with Left Stick) ' /^^\ ' /-\ /-\ ' (-]\_ \/ _/]-) <---------------Gun Turrets} (up & down with Body, with D-pad) ' |____| ' /_]_\ <------------------Upper Body ' ]\____/] } (rotates to follow Walk/Strafe direction, with Right Stick) ' / // \\ \ <-------Lower Body ' /]=====] ]=====]\ ' // \\ ' | // \\ | <-----Legs (see Fig:3) ' \// \\/ ' \ / ' \ / ' '==================================================== ' Layout Diagram (Fig:2) '---------------------- ' Right Side ' \ / ' \ / All legs are at 90° angle's off the body ' \_____/ making it a symmetrical design. ' F |1 2| B ' R | | A ' O | | C ' N |3___4| K ' T / \ ' / \ ' / \ ' Left Side '==================================================== ' 3DOF Leg Diagram (Fig:3) '---------------------- ' [0] ' / // ' /[2]=====[1] 0= Coxa servo Length 70 [mm] ' // ' | // 1= Femur servo Length 130 [mm] ' \// ' \ 2= Tibia servo Length 140 [mm] ' \ ' ;--------------------------------------------------------------------
Looks much neater in the IDE! a bit scattered here!

here we can see the new design for the (upper body) and also a
closeup of how the electronics are held in place on the back. this idea
originally comes from one of my biped designs!
works well i think!

Here we can see how the hip will connect to the body.
The idea here is, having the servo orientation at a 45 degree angle.
you may think that is wont work but i have tested it and the advantages
allow the leg to push out to the side at the end of each step! if that
makes sence? when the leg is in its default position it works best!

Here is an over view of the robot. i still have one more SES
part to get and also the rest of the 645 servos! (another 9 to go)!

also i need to get longer aluminium tubing for the end of the legs. i will be bending them round too so they fit better inside the (armor) Vacuum shell part’s!

What do you think?


Interesting body design, I like the ability to rotate the upper body.

But I’m not sure if your coxa/hip solution will work very well. My first concern is the heavy load on the servo, lets not hope it break of. Also when the coxa/hip servo are not in the centre position it will get a pretty heavy load (demanding high torque).

Another thing is the kinematics. I’m thinking that’s gonna be more demanding. Maybe you’ve a solution for it already?

yeah i may spend a bit more on the coxa servos but for now (as a prototype) i will stick with the 645’s!

i have also thought of this, the know that the IK (well any movement) will be demanding, but i will only know once i test it.

i may change the coxa brackets and the design on the lower body if i find problems!

would you think, adjusting the lower body bracket so that the coxa sits at a lower degree? so its more up-right… say 25º-30º instead if 45º