HQuad500 ESCs will not calibrate

Hi, Im having an incredibly hard time calibrating the ESCs in the HQuad500 kit. I am using the Quadrino Nano FC and have tried to use the calibration firmware along with doing every ESC individually. For the most part, no matter my approach I only get 3 short beeps that increase in pitch from each motor. However, I can get some different behavior with the with the ESC control wire connected to the receivers throttle pin. If I power the ESC with it disconnected from the receiver I get 3 beeps. I power it down and connect the wire to the receiver and power back up. 3 beeps again. But from here if I power it off and back on without changing anything else I seem to always get 2 beeps that decrease in pitch rather than increase.

Every set of directions indicated I should have a follow up beep or beeps after the set of 3, I never get those no matter how long I wait or what I do.

I have followed both halves of this

and my issue sounds similar to this gentleman’s but I can never get any of the motors to spin like he eventually did

Edit: alright, Im calling shenanigans. No where in any of the manuals that I found did I have a pin out for the ESCs or an indication of which wire was the signal wire. I plugged them in the way that they wanted to fit, not the way that felt like I was forcing them. Guess which was correct…as soon as I hooked them up “wrong” I got the correct tones and was able to calibrate.

For those that find this on Google in the future the yellow wire on the lynxmotion 12a ESC is the signal wire, not the brown one. If you are using the Quadrino Nano mine didn’t want to plug in this way but it was correct.

Hi hencygri,

So with your “edit” you are telling us that you got it working ?
The pinout is actually in the Quick Start guide for the Quadrino Nano on P.3 (HERE).

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