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The cat sensor may be small, but is still an important part of your Litter-Robot Open Air III. Without this small component, your robot won’t detect when your cat is inside the litter. Although the sensor is not prone to defects, it is pretty sensible and you could find yourself one day with a Red

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I had to disassemble the globe to put a new liner in. After I put it back together, I found two rectangular magnets left behind. The litter robot no longer works. Do you have any idea where these magnets are from and how to put them back?

Hi Gil,

We suggest you contact us via the support center in the Domestic Robot department. We will be able to send you further information to fix your globe.

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what exactly do you mean in your instructions for screwing the bolt in? I have a black foot, so do you mean to screw it in until the bolt sicks up above the nut about 1mm

Hi Lauren,

Exactly, the bolt needs to be screw only 1mm above the nut.

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My has a black foot but the bolt is only 31mm or 30mm including the washer. My serial number is #000065. How much should i screw the bolt?

Hi Bruno,

With the black foot, screw the bolt so you only have a millimeter or so of the screw over the nut.

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What is the “little piece of plastic” that is black that you are using to hold everything in place when screwing everything back together?

I just disassembled my Litter-Robot 3 s/n LR3136670.
The black foot bolt is 1.5 inches long (the standard, from under the head measurement). The NEW bolt is exactly the same.
----This length does not match the written:

  • Check how much you need to screw the nut according to the color of the foot White foot (and the bolt is 1 7/8’’ 47mm): you need to screw for the bolt to be about ~1/4" (6.35mm) from the bolt. Black foot (and the bolt is 1 5/8’’ 41mm): you need to screw for the bolt to just be a mm from the bolt.

The locking crown nut was exactly 5 mm from the end of the bolt.

So, I reassembled it exactly the same way. 1 1/2" bolt, and 5mm of bolt end exposed.

If I had a black foot and a bolt that was 1 5/8" and placed the nut 1mm from the end of the bolt, it would compress the spring a lot less that it is now, with les force on the sensor. I assume that would make the sensor measure the weight differently, too.

I assume the factory setting is correct, and don’t understand why the instructions above don’t match at all.

Can you explain this please?