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The main purpose of this “how-to” article it is to guide you on how to make a convenient and elegant modular GSM or 3G hardware platform using an Arduino Pro Mini (and related) board, a j-328GSM3GLader Arduino Pro Mini adapter board and c-uGSM / d-u3G / h-nanoGSM modem shields. The purpose of a programmable GSM interface is to be able to communicate with electronics / hardware directly via the cellular network (SIM card required), without the need for a cell phone. You may use such a platform as a mobile IoT interface (access sensor data remotely, or control actuators) or as an SMS / GPRS / DTMF automation platform.

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I love your post. Any time thoughts ideas on what model Arduino controller and what model 3G (USA) shield would be able to work without any soldering? (Least costly).

@Jim Hansen: It is worth mentioning that the manufacturer (ITB) for these products have modularity as the foundation of their product line, which adds great flexibility to how the modules are used (with Arduino, BBB, RPi, etc.). That being said, they are considering some new products (micro-controller boards) that would fit directly the ITBMM (IT Brain Modular Modem) interface. But for now, there are no soldering free options at this time.