How to install the Litter-Robot Connect Kit (new version)

Hi there,

You just received the new Litter-Robot Upgrade Connect Kit and want to install it yourself?

Great, let's get started.
This guide is the most up to date one and features the new DFI and circuit board.

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Great job, thank you so much!

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Why not putting this link on the Robotshop page? And stress the point to the provider to create a new HowTo page with the correct elements !

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Hi @AntoineG,
Since recently, the link can be found in the product description of our website.
The manufacturer also created a video.

Hope this helps.

Is the wifi US-range (channel 1-11 only) or will it work properly in Europe with channel 1-13 ?

Hi @putzt,

We would have to check with Litter Robot directly about these channels, but we have a lot of customers in Europe that are already using Litter Robot Connect.

Short update. Answer from Litter Robot is that all 2.4ghz channels should be supported.

thanks, good to know, makes the decision to upgrade easy :slight_smile:

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