Hi, I’m new here!

Hi! My name is Ximena, but you can call me Mena. I am a 14 year old and I think this is a really cool site! I have always been into robotics and i’ve even taken a few classes for basic coding/programming.
I myself am not able to actually try anything yet, since I don’t have much money or anything, but I guess it’s better to do research and get the basics down first.

Thanks for reading! :smile:


Hello Mena, welcome RobotShop!
Doing a thorough research is a good thing, by doing so you can get an idea of ​​the project that you would like to do at the lowest possible cost. if you have Lego technics at home I suggest you use these for your projects.


@Anahi13 welcome to the site. There are a lot of tutorials on this site to help you learn and get a better grasp of both electronics and programming.

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Hello @Anahi13! Welcome to the forum :grinning:

It is great to see more girls getting into the robotics world :blush:

The RobotShop Community is a welcoming environment for robotics enthusiasts and experts. It is intended for sharing your knowledge, getting help and helping others, but also for showcasing projects.

Here is a summary of the sections:

Tutorials Section
From general notions, basic or advanced concepts, to How to’s, Tutorials are intended to educate. A tutorial is not about a specific project but rather about the general knowledge and information needed in order to help members eventually create projects. They usually help people get started in robotics, learn how to program, how to use CAD software, understand basic electronic principles, etc.

Robots Section
A robot project post is mainly about showcasing a robotic creation, which can be anything that fits with the definition of a robot! From robotic arms to line-following robots, members share the finished project, their brainstorming and/or design process as well as the technical aspects of the build. It’s about sharing your creation, your thinking process, the steps involved, lessons learned and techniques!

Blogs Section
A good way to stay informed! Keep up to date on the robotics fields, read experts opinions on a variety of topics: news, ethics, foresight. The blog section is where thoughts, reflections, and ideas, from members, collaborators or from RobotShop come to life! Write on developments in the field; research, reviews, recommendations,
experience, interviews, essays, etc.

Finally, asi you said you want to do some research I suggest giving a look at the Where Can I Find Help and Resources? tutorial.

Hope to see you around :wink:


@Anahi13 Welcome! The question of having enough money comes up really often, and there are ways around it. However, learning programming doesn’t require hardware and tends to be one of the harder parts of getting involved in robotics. If money overall might be an issue until you find employment in the field, and you have access to a computer, then:

  • Learn and create videos to teach others and get views and subscribers and/or create tutorials here on the community
  • Once you have views and prove you’re capable, offer to do “getting started” videos of products for companies (or reviews, extensions etc.)*

Note* many Chinese companies have issues with grammar, so if your English language are very good, you might reach out to them and help in exchange for parts.


Hello! Welcome to robot shop! we are all looking forward to seeing you!


Hi Ximena and welcome to our Community :slight_smile:

We always like to see such a young person interested in robotics :slight_smile:

See you!