HELP PLEASE! Anyone Else Own a Vincross HEXA and Having Problems Signing Onto Your Account?


I require your help regarding a problem I’m encountering.

I own 3 HEXAs by Vincross (2 purchased non-working and now repaired). For the past week, I cannot control any of the HEXAs from any of my 4 Android devices running the HEXA App (no problems ~6 weeks ago). I either can’t connect to my bot or I get a message that my email is not registered (been registered for over 2 years now and this is the first issue encountered).

3 Different Vincross HEXA hexapod robots.

Software: HEXA App

I’ve tried all 3 HEXAs with 4 different Android devices running the Vincross HEXA App. All other WiFi bots in my robot army work fine. I have no connectivity issues save the HEXAs.

I have reached out to Vincross Technical but have had no response (However, I do realize that Monday was the last day of the Chinese New Year 2 week holiday).

Has anyone else encountered this? If you have a HEXA or know someone who does, could you try to use it and report back? I’m trying to identify if it is localized or systemic.

Thank you so much in advance for your help!


Hi @tobar8th

Here is a reply from Vincross support: Unfortunately our server crashed accidentally. We are repairing it as soon as possible. We are very sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank you.

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Thank you for the quick and informative reply!


You are welcome :slight_smile:

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Hi, same problem here, cant log into the App or the Vincross website, the support page is 404, no answer to emails, FB or twitter messages.

How do I register, access and use my Hexa? Is there a homebrew community I can join? Can anyone please help?

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Also having the same issue again. I just emailed a support contact at Vincross for help and will post anything learned.


Thanks Tobar8th.

I can access my profile on the App if its not connected to mobile data or wifi, indicating its a problem with their authentication server. I cannot do anything once in the App as it mandates internet connectivity.

If connected to mobile data or wifi, it does not recognise my registered email address, prompts me to register and sends an automated code to the email. If I input the code, it simply says “unauthorised”

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I just got a reply from support at Vincross this morning. At the time they responded in China they were looking into the problem.

Since there is a significant time difference giving them an entire work day advance, I tried to initiate the HEXA App this morning and it works for me now. My email and PW are now recognized and I have no issue connecting to and controlling my HEXA.

Please let me know if you still have any issues.

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For anyone that in a last effort to resolve the HEXA App issue and has uninstalled the App thinking a new install could solve the problem, you are then faced with the App not being found on Google Play (due to new more strict security protocols).

If you need the App, you can download the apk file here:

I hope this helps you.

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Have you been given any updates on the Vincross outage? The update URL has an expired certificate and returns a 404. Are Vincross working on this?

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I do know that Vincross has some difficulties and have discontinued HEXA production.

The website seems to be active but is dated. I was in contact with Techical Support just 2 weeks ago but have not had any further communications.

The main issue is that the HXA cannot operate without being able to connect to the Vincross servers which is not good for end users.

I personally own 4 HEXAs (1 bought new and 3 required repairs, they are extremely well built). Until very recently, I was able to connect to all 4 and operate. The issue now is that I can open the HEXA App but the Blue Dot that shows a WiFi connection does not appear which is very problematic. It is not a bot issue and I have tried the App on both Android and iPhone platforms.

I’m sure that someone out there has or can hack HEXA to at least receive motion commands and/or hack the Appp to allow Direct WiFi control. Note, even HEXA Direct Mode first requires a link to the Vincross servers first before the Direct Mode can be accomplished which is a true misnomer.

Please tell me if you have found any solutions.

Best Regards,

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Hi Guys, we are based in the uk and own a hexa robot.

We have not used it for a few years, but we were wondering if it will still work now that it looks like vincross have ceased trading, and the servers are off line?

Also we have lost the original charger, does anyone have a recommendation for a replacement?

We seem to recall it’s an odd voltage, ie not a Normal 12v charger, as it’s charging 2 18650 batteries is it perhaps an 8v charger we need?

Thanks for any pointers.

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I have answers for you and will reply later today (please note that I’m in California so my long reply will be late for you).

For now, whatever you do, DO NOT DO A HARD RESET (which requires 6 Dupont wires)!

Find your HEXA manual as you’ll need it. You can find the manual online or I can send you a PDF.

The charger you’ll need will have a 9V DC Output at 3A. The barrel OD is 5.5mm (outter is negative) and the ID is 2.1mm (this is a pretty standard connector configuration). You should be able to find a comparable charger on eBay.

I have 4 HEXAs and they all work but there’s a workaround to do so.

Best Regards,

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Hi Nigel (?),

First, don’t fret. I own 4 HEXAs and they are all functioning. I tested one today.

The problem is that Vincross is having financial issues and has chosen not to bleed any additional funds to support their servers that enable real-time connectivity to HEXAs.

This means that you can no longer activate a HEXA (New, Old or Transfer of Ownership) because this requires a live connection to Vincross servers which are now gone. For the past year the servers were up for a couple weeks then down, then up and so on. This was a bad omen of things to come and I spent many hours contacting Vincross Tech Support to identify a solution beyond their server issues which are now defunct.

However, if you already have an activated HEXA (one that was functional prior to Vincross server issues) and have the HEXA App on your phone (either Android or iPhone based) you can control your HEXA via Direct Link Mode utilizing HEXA’s Wi-Fi capabilities. The procedure can be found on pages 24 to 27 of the HEXA manual. Vincross has provided a server with lesser capabilities which allows for this functionality (with some limitations mentioned above and below).

In essence your HEXA becomes a Wi-Fi Hotspot and allows you to connect via a direct Wi-Fi connection.

Your HEXA has a unique 12-digit number which will be revealed when your smart phone finds it in a Wi-Fi device search. Your needed password is the last 8 digits.

First, you need to charge your HEXA as it needs to be Powered ON to establish connectivity.

Note that when you Power ON your HEXA the “Head Light” will be Purple then blink Blue, then blink Yellow and then finally be solid Purple indicating that it is in Direct Link Mode. This takes approximately 2 minutes. At this point your smart phone should be able to identify your HEXA and you can set up a Wi-Fi network for your HEXA (you only need to do this once).

Only after establishing your HEXA as a Wi-Fi Hotspot should you then open the HEXA App and you will then see the familiar HEXA identification with a blue dot indicating that your HEXA has been found and is connected. All HEXA functions should work as before.

Note, you can no longer add new Skills (programs) to your App as this also requires a live connection to Vincross servers which are no longer a viable option.

You can also add the HEXA App (yes, it’s still out there) to another phone and control via Direct Link Mode but the newly downloaded App will not have any but the basic Skills.

Please let me know if you need any additional help or if you get your HEXA up and running.

HEXA is a great product and very well made (I have repaired 2 so I am familiar with the innards). Too bad that Vincross was so paranoid regarding control as to make the bot so dependent upon outside factors not in the user’s control.

Good Luck and Best Regards,


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Hi @tobar8th ,

Thank you for the detailed explanation.

I am sure it will be very useful for many HEXA users!

Thanks igor_X,

Also, Nigelpugh7 may have damaged the 2 18650 Li-ion batteries when trying to charge with 12 volts. Regardlesss, these batteries are only good for 3 to 5 years especially under high load use (19 servos, video and electronics to support) and I would suggest replaceing them anyway.

CAUTION: If anyone reading this has a HEXA that came with a Charging Disc (for inductive charging) DO NOT USE THE CHARGING DISC! This item was discontinued as the heat generated from the induction coil caused damage to internal electronics causing intermittent mobility and control issues.

If his HEXA will not Power ON (or stay powered for more than a few minutes) he needs to replace the batteries. I have the Vincross PDF document that outlines the procedure and identifies the correct battery specs. These are quality batteries and the procedure is a little challenging but not that difficult.

I just visited the Vincross website and saw that all of the support documentation is now gone but I have downloaded most of it and can provide assistance.




If possible, post some of these documents here.

Thank you.

All HEXA Robot Owners,

Here are a few documents to assist you with HEXA.

Battery and Removal Guide.pdf (614.4 KB)

HEXA_User_Guide.pdf (6.8 MB)

hexa-hexapod-robot-kit-datasheet.pdf (142.5 KB)

I have the App for Android but this system does not allow an apk file upload.

I hope that this helps when you have a HEXA issue.

If you encounter problems please feel free to ask me for assistance.

WARNING: Since Vincross Servers are now permanently down, You should refrain from purchasing a used or even NOS HEXA as you won’t be able to activate it (unless you have the ability, or know someone, that can reprogram or hack the OS). Bear in mind that if you repair a HEXA (legs, joints, etc) you will need to use the Servo Control Skill (servo calibration). However, this Skill is only available if you had already downloaded it for the HEXA. You may be able to control it but it will be very “wonky”.

BTW, this is why I am an avocate of hardware controls (at least for backup). The last HEXA MSRP was $2,000 and, for some owners without prior activation and a workaround, it is now a pretty doorstop.


GOOD NEWS for All HEXA Owners!

This week I communicated with a Vincross Tech Support person that I have known for 3 years.

She assured me that Vincross has put a contigency plan in for a long-term (years) server that will allow HEXA Owners to continue HEXA operation via Direct Link Mode which is a built-in function as long as your HEXA has already been activated.

And…for your amusement, I have attached pictures of my first HEXA that has a shell that was converted to a Ladybug. This “disguise” is much more pleasing and acceptabloe to children (and some adults).


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Did you get anywhere with your HEXA?

Have you seen my replies and information provided on the proper charger to use and battery replacement instructions if the 18650 cells are bad?