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I’m Geraldine, an Electronic Engineering student and a new member here. It is a pleasure to be part of this community where I can hear from other fellow enthusiasts as well as share my experiences with robotics projects. :robot:

I have worked in different electronics projects such as a weather station that collected environmental information and displayed it in a graphical interface designed in Processing. I’ve also worked on the design of an autonomous mobile robot that detected balls and moved them to a goal depending on their color.

I have experience in computer vision specifically in digital image processing using OpenCV and CUDA. I’m currently working on the automation of the preprocessing stage that underwater images require for applications such as seafloor mosaics and SLAM :tropical_fish: . I’m also working in the industrial area with the development of a system that automatically detects defects in fabric.

Robots and technology, in general, are topics that have always caught my attention and seeing so many other sharing the same interests is really exciting. I’m a robotics enthusiast who loves pursuing new challenges and from experience I know that is not always an easy task so when possible I try to help those who need some assistance with their own projects.

Thanks for reading!

Have an awesome day :smiley:



Hey there!
Welcome to the forum!
Glad to read from you.

I’m sure you will like it here and learn a lot.
Also, I guess your knowledge will be put to good use.



@geraldinebc15 great introduction :slight_smile:



Welcome aboard Geraldine !


Nice to meet you,

Hope you will be posting something about that project here :grimacing:


Thanks for the welcome guys!

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Nice to meet you too! @EvanBotics

For sure! The project is focused on restoring/enhancing underwater images which often suffer from low contrast and color distortion so the information from these cannot be fully extracted for further processing such as feature extraction and classification

Here is a peek of some of the results:

Original vs Restored

Original and feature matches

Restored and feature matches

I might post more about the project in the future, and if people are interested perhaps I could share the code :nerd_face:


Hello, everybody I am newbie over here, instead of creating new one I think tis is the great place to introduce yourself. Well, I am John and do not know where to star.


Hello @JohnArmwood, and welcome to the forum :smiley:

Feel free to share more info about yourself, and also about your projects.

If you are new in Robots World, you can check out some tutorials on this page.

A lot of completed projects can be found here in Robots section.

For all other questions, use this forum :slight_smile:

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Hi @JohnArmwood welcome to the RobotShop community :blush:

As you can see, I’ve only been here for a little while, but I can say it is an awesome place to find some guidance in robot projects, share your knowledge or just spend some time looking at the cool robots from other people haha.

I see @igor_X already gave you a brief introduction to the community, you should definitely check those sections out, as well as the Blogs and News to keep up with all the new tech.

And if you ever want to start a project yourself you can also share it and participate for the Robot of the month contest.

I hope to see you around in the forum :wink:


Thank you so mcuh for the reply:slightly_smiling_face:


Welcome @geraldinebc15 and @JohnArmwood
:slight_smile: Glad to have you around!