Haulin Bot

I built this robot originally to help me move my jetskis. With the cart sides on it you can haul just about anything.


Drive Components:



Build Details:

Snowmobile shaft cut in half with the drive sprockets and bearings.

The ends were milled down to 7/8" to fit the bearings and the drive sprockets.

Start to the bearing mount and end plates in 1"x2" steel
Track adjuster parts made with 2"x2" Rec tube, angle iron and some scrap round tube
Track adjuster in the 2"x2" Rec tube
Wheels installed every 12 inches
Track installed. Track was just a used track from a snowmobile cut in half.
Dimensions are approx. 3.5ft W x 4ft L

Needed to be able to adjust the motor position to tighten the chain so came up with

this mount setup

 The wheel chair motors have a 300 pound capacity
All mocked up and test fitted
 Tested with this gear ratio but it was way too slow. Plenty torque not enough speed

Mounted the deck from a garden cart. The cart was rated to carry approx. 1400 pound from Tractor Supply.

I was able to reuse the battery boxes from the chair they fit perfectly under the two center deck cross bars.


Capped all the ends and a fresh coat of paint


Added a small winch from Harbor Freight.


Finished off the electronics box. Used the original charging port from the wheel chair. 100 amp key switch and the bottom diplay shows battery voltage.


More Photos: https://www.icloud.com/sharedalbum/#B04G4TcsmNNRVh


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Heavy Metal!

That’s a far cry from the little desktop bots one usually finds on this site!

Nice work so far, I too build larger bots using wheelchair motors. Check out my Jazzy.

What is your eventual goal for this beast?


My initial goal with this one was to be able to move loads up to 600 pounds. Need to gear it right not to make it too much of a snail and still have the ability to manage the weight. I plan to put a flat bed top on it


Have you decided on your power source and motor controllers yet?

I lucked out on mine and got a Jazzy chair by Pride Mobility. It is a smaller chair and the motors draw less than 6 amps under full load. They are also in-line which makes mounting much easier.


I like big bots and I cannot lie…

Good to see more “adult size” machines here.


Why a chair and not a turret? That’s quite a beast! Is that a workshop in your home or part of a company?

Sabertooth 60 amp

I picked up a Sabertooth Dual 60amp motor driver so far. Need to source the rest of the electroincs

Turret was on the list

I used a wheelchair for parts and wanted to ride it around to test it so the chair is temporary :slight_smile:


That’s actually my garage. Plenty of space for cars and over sized bot projects.


I too am using the Sabertooth but the smaller version, dual 12 amp, works great with my motors. Seeing your progress has inspired me to get back to work on mine. I’ll be updating my status shortly.

RoboClaw 60 amp

My robot, MILO, uses RoboClaw motor controllers from ION Motion Control.

The drive motors use the dual 60 amp version:


The remaining motor controllers are either 30 or 15 amp, as the motors get smaller throughout the rest of the robot.

I have to say, I love the RoboClaw cards, and the service and support that go along with them.


Any plans to make the drive more tolerable by adding suspension or dampening?

Not fast enough

Thought about it but since it is so slow it woudl be over kill at this point. If I decide to make it a gas powered tracked go-kart one of these days then that will be on the list.

Sprocket Question

Where or how did you get the drive sprockets from for the wheelchair motors please?

(I’m working on some robot, but I just can’t find the right size sprocket for my wheelchair motor)


I was able to find a great sproket place. www.surpluscenter.com

The shafts on my wheel chair motors have a key way and are a 5/8 bore.


Thank you. This is a

Thank you. This is a wonderful web site; I’ll use it.

It seems you chose the weld-on sprocket as opposed to a finished hub sprocket, any particular reason for that please?

Weld on sprockets

I wasn’t sure if I would need to adjust the chain alignment so I went with weld on for a little flexability.

How are you controlling it? Figured it is a PS2 controller. I did not see any wiring in the pics, is it me not paying attention or the pictures are before wiring?