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Posted on 03/10/2018 by cplau
Modified on: 31/01/2020
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I built this robot originally to help me move my jetskis and other various things. With the cart sides on it you can haul just about anything. My recent addition was a scissor lift mechanism for the platform. Really helpful when unloading things from the back of a truck or when you need a little help changing a garage light bulb.

Haulin Bot



Build Details:

Snowmobile shaft cut in half with the drive sprockets and bearings.

The ends were milled down to 7/8" to fit the bearings and the drive sprockets.

Start to the bearing mount and end plates in 1"x2" steel
Track adjuster parts made with 2"x2" Rec tube, angle iron and some scrap round tube
Track adjuster in the 2"x2" Rec tube
Wheels installed every 12 inches
Track installed. Track was just a used track from a snowmobile cut in half.
Dimensions are approx. 3.5ft W x 4ft L  

Needed to be able to adjust the motor position to tighten the chain so came up with

this mount setup

 The wheel chair motors have a 300 pound capacity  
All mocked up and test fitted  
 Tested with this gear ratio but it was way too slow. Plenty torque not enough speed  

Mounted the deck from a garden cart. The cart was rated to carry approx. 1400 pound from Tractor Supply.

I was able to reuse the battery boxes from the chair they fit perfectly under the two center deck cross bars.


Capped all the ends and a fresh coat of paint


Added a small winch from Harbor Freight.


Finished off the electronics box. Used the original charging port from the wheel chair. 100 amp key switch and the bottom display shows battery voltage.


The roller wheels for the lift are actually metal casters from tractor supply. 

The actuator is slow but rated to lift 1200 pounds.
The platform was modified to mount the top rollers on the back underside allowing the lift motion
The front mounts of the lift bar are stationary.
Using the lift as a working table with the sides on it. I did have to push out the light bar and winch to clear the lift actuator.


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