Geeetech Pro B Prusa i3 Review

Hello all!

So I have had a pro B printer for a while probably around 4 or 5 years. Sorry I haven't done much for a review. I mostly describe my personal mistakes with it but today I am going to talk about the actual printer itself not what I did to get it to work.

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Thanks for this. I have been thinking of getting a 3d printer and this review is very helpful.

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No worries! I do not recommend Geeetech printers FYI for beginners. If you want to hear more about 3D printers I can recommend some good youtube channels to watch. I know a ton of good 3D printer reviews lol.

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Hi @nschreiber0813,
Great review!
The Pros and Cons format is straight forward, easy to follow! I appreciate that you shared your experience with the manufacturer and the fact that you learned from your mistakes. It is a great input for people interested in getting a Geeetech 3D printer!

Just an idea: you could share your knowledge about 3D printing, like in a series of tutorials on how to get started with 3D printing (I would surely read them :+1:)! Even making a blog on the good youtube channels to watch you were talking about would be interesting!


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Thanks that is very kind of you! I am working on a 3D printing tutorial right now. Thanks!

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