Geeetech Pro B Prusa i3 Review


So the Geeetech Prusa i3 Pro B is a clone of the Prusa i3 mk1. It uses a direct drive MK8 extruder with 3D printed parts and more. It also has a laser cut acrylic frame unlike the MK1 which has a CNC milled aluminum frame.


  • It can work somewhat out of the box unlike the A8.

  • Frame is more sturdy compared to printers of its generation.

  • You can buy it for $150 now a days unlike what I had to spend.

  • Can print flexible materials.

  • Mostly opensource components.

  • Wonderful people geeetech is. You will get excellent support from them.


  • Doesn't quite work out of the box. Frame isn't strong enough to do most prints.
  • Threaded rods used instead of linear. Plenty of problems with accuracy of prints.

  • 3D Printed components on it are very brittle but are opensource so you can print spares.

  • Hotend takes ten minutes to heat up triggering thermal runaways on it.

  • PSU very underpowered.

  • Thermal runaways are disabled along with many important failsafes as well.

  • Motherboard came broken.


I had never accomplished something so hard as to get this printer working so good. It was a series of mistakes for about 3 years. The last two have been very wonderful. Thanks to geeetech support and support from the community as well it prints beatifully but I ended up replacing 80% of the components on it thanks to my stupidity and poor design of the printer.


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