Frame Design

Hey everyone, i recently went to lowes to see if i could find some frame material for my rover, and i found the perfect stuff, its this aluminum U channel suff and i think its perfect, i would be using 2 different sizes of it and stick the smaller size into the bigger size

i drew up a quick sketch of how i want everything to be connected and hooked up so i can get an idea of how much naterial i will need, let me know if u think it is a legitimate design

while i was there i also saw some diamond plating and i am debating weather or not to use that to cover up the rest of the rover :smiling_imp:

EDIT: Please note, i just realized that the top right drawing is not finished :confused:

and pay no attention to those liunes in the back ground they showed up through the paper when i scanned it

EDIT: there, i just found out i was using the wrong link to try and get pictures into the forum >_> i swear they switched it around on me :angry:

Hey chunga,

Very nice drawing man! All the lines are so clean and it actually looks 3D (unlike some other people’s lines :laughing:).

Will you still have that thing on top of the rover with the electronics or will you put it all into the frame?

Hows this idea. Why not Diamond Plate the bottom, and put lexan everywhere else. This way, the bottom is protected from rough terrains :slight_smile:

Awesome job though :smiley:


The aluminum “U” channel is an excellent material for robotics!

I think you use the same CAD program I do. :wink:

robodude: i think, after some debate, i will just be doing the whoel thing in diamond plating

  1. it will make the whole thing much more durable
  2. even at a minimal i would like to try and get the front, back, bottom, and sides to be diamond plating because of rocks, trees, and the fact that i would like the sides to be stiff enough to handle the idlers without and flex

i know it will make it much heavier than lexan but i think the motors i have can handle it and it will create consistensy :laughing:

Jim:as i discovered recently

lol, yes, i tend to draw things out a lot more, adds to wat u can do instead of trying to learn a sick ass CAD program :unamused:

I can’t see your drawing. I will have to wait till 12:00pm before the IT admin will open up the internet. For some reason they did not block The Lynxmotion forums but all extrenal links to photos and sites are blocked within the forums. So I see lots of red X’s in forums posts until 12:00 rolls around. :laughing:

now I see it, you draw good! :laughing:

LOL :laughing: :laughing:

Hey, I have a copy of AutoCAD and I hardly ever use it. With paper you don’t need to know any keyboard shortcuts or tips and tricks. :smiley:

SN96: lol, thank you sounds good comming from someoe of ur…dik…professionaism (confused look and mough “i dont know”)

Spacejunk, yea, makes everything much easier and what not, too bad u need an actuak file instead of a computer file

Thats exactly what I wanted to do with my SUB BOAT. :smiley:

Great minds think alike :laughing:

:laughing: I’m also proficient in that form of CAD. Computers? We don’t need to stinkin’ computers! :stuck_out_tongue:

hry everyone, last night i was pretty bored and i decided to draw up a “floor plan”, so to speak, for the the rover is suprising how little space i have left to add on to it even when the rover is 9" x 13"

i drew 2 things up, one for the bottom or “floor” of the rover and another for wat will be haning off the “ceiling” of the rover bottom of the rover top of rover

let me know if u guys can think of any other way to organize everything cause right no the electronic stack is going to make this about 3" in height, i think i may extend it though so i can stack all the boards and allow the front section to be entirly clear

One thing to make sure of is that it won’t be a pain to access your battery leads for unplugging/charging. Same thing goes for the serial connectors on the boards for programming.

In a similar design I made for a future tracked rover, I had the serial connectors poking out of holes in the chassis. For the battery connections, I designed a lot of slack into the wires so that the connection points came out of holes to the upper deck. That way I could keep everything enclosed top and bottom in the completed bot and still have access to all my connection points.

Good luck, the design is looking good.

Looks good, well thought out!

However, the fan above the motor controller may be a problem. I know that when I had a computer fan over my scorpion is made it operate very wierd and interfered some how. I assume this is because there is some sort of magnet in the fan?

I tested it with the fan and it didnt work good, than I tested it without the fan and it worked fine, so there was something going on. My geuss is there was some kind of magnetic interferance from the fan. You should test it before your drive the bot like that . I would suggest not having the fan directly over or under the motor controller, as well as from a close distance. keep it farther away than planned. Again, test it first! :laughing:

hm, i dont really want to cut any holes in the panels do to the fact that this will be exposed to snow (water) and i am aware odf this and im keeping the connection ports free, as for the batteries i think im going to keep all wires inside

ty for the compliment, its appreciated

hm, really, thats kinda weird, i will definatley test that out and make sure nothing weird goes on if not then i will keep the design the same, different controllers though, so never know

oh yea, i did a weight test yesterday, i threw all the batteries (5 packs, 4 6 volts and 1 7.2 volt :open_mouth:) many of the electrics, the hubs and some more stuff, and it came out to 6 lbs :open_mouth:, and im going to be adding probably 2-3 more lbs of weight wen i include the frame sprockets and body armot, this is gonna be onw fat bot :unamused:

Now where are those photos of the assembled frame :unamused: :laughing:

i erm…lost most of the money that i was going to use to buy it :blush:

either that or my brothers took it :imp:

i need to find about $20 from some where, proabably will work for my grandfathers or something

it’ll be another week or 2 cause its snowing here in mass and my grandfather needs me to rake his lawn :angry:

Raking the lawn? :open_mouth:

Sounds like what you really need is a job! :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, I guess yer a youngin’. :slight_smile:

ur telling me, i’ve been trying to find a job, but im not old enough yet, im only 15…need to be 16, i cant wait for my birthday next month :angry:

Me neither :cry: