Forum is too complicated

I find the new forum too complicated. There are lots of tags, lots of categories, and it doesn’t make much sense to my tired old brain. I have not been able to find anything .

Hi oldguy,

There are a couple of places to look at if you come from LMR and want to find the stuff.
Forums / Let’s Make Robots
Robots / Shown in LIST version

Hope that help :slight_smile:

Well, that’s the point. ONE place would be better, without all the different tags and places to try to find the topics of interest.
The LMR forum was easy to find the stuff. With the new one, you have to read a long list of “somethings” with a long list of garish colored tags attached just to try to find WHERE the stuff MIGHT be.
Digging around a while I managed to find some of what I was looking for, but it really shouldn’t be that hard.
Maybe its just because I’m old. Maybe not.

EDIT: But thank you for the information. That IS helpful.

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I agree am new on this forum but as u say