FlowBotics Studio App Contest 2015 - CLOSED -

The challenge is to create a new robot-related application using FlowBotics Studio.

Use FlowBotics Studio to create a popular (stand-alone) robot-related software application (“App”). Don’t have FlowBotics Studio? Don’t worry! If you have been a member on LMR for over 6 months, then you can register and get FlowBotics Studio - Download ($40 USD value) absolutely free! If you’ve been on LMR for less than 6 months, or are a new member, you can register for the contest and get FlowBotics Studio - Download at half price.


  1. Create a new stand-alone App using FlowBotics Studio

  2. Provide the FlowBotics Studio (.fbs) program used to create the App

  3. App should be “new” and not simply add a bit of functionality to an existing app

  4. App must be in the form of a .exe file (exported from FBS)

  5. If malware is found, entry is disqualified

  6. If the App is found to have been plagiarized without credit to the original creator, it will be disqualified. The App should contain at least 50% new material; it can build upon existing apps, or reuse aspects from existing apps. *

Selecting Winners

The jury (see registration for details) will select the winners according to the points system (maximum 20 points) described below.



Implemented and useful features & functions

1 - 8

Use of custom interface elements (images / Ruby, etc.)

0 - 3

Can interface with many different hardware platforms

0 - 3

Visual appeal and ease of use of the interface

0 - 3

Simplicity of the app code / modules / links

0 - 3

Bonus points

Can interface with Arduino (with an appropriate sketch provided with submission)

0 - 1

Submitted before Sunday, November 1st

0 - 1


Contest starts

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Registration deadline

Thursday, October 1 2015

FlowBotics Studio coupons will be sent by e-mail on

Friday, October 2 2015

App submission deadline is

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Members who have been registered on LMR for at least 6 months can register for this contest and receive FlowBotics Studio ($40 USD value) FREE. Members who are new to LMR and register for the competition will receive 50% off. For all deadlines, the cut off is at midnight ( EDT ) on that day.

Help / Support

Feel free to ask any questions related to the challenge here in the comments below. If you need more information on FlowBotics Studio, you can check out the Developer Zone here. We also recommend reading the user guide, the component reference manual and checkout the example robotic apps that come with the software. There is also information on the FlowBotics studio support forum that you may find helpful and can help solve many common issues quickly.

If you are curious about what is curently offered on the RobotShop App Store, you can have a look here. If you have more questions concerning the App Store, you can read the FAQ here.

App Ideas

  • Basic Arduino interface as IO board (ex: using Firmata)

    • Will require sample code (sketch) to be uploaded to Arduino

  • Rover interface (control buttons and two-way communication via serial port)

    • Arrows to control the motion

    • Receive sensor data

  • 2D or 3D “map app” using pan/tilt and distance sensor (IR, laser, etc.)

  • Simple interface for time lapse camera rig

  • Interface with MyRobot.com

  • Automated camera slider (ex: time lapse)


You can register for the competition and to obtain the FlowBotics Software coupon code by contacting us via the LMR contact us form. Note that we will only send the coupon codes once the contestant has been verified and apologize in advance for any delay.


You can request (or nominate someone else from the LMR community) to be a member of the jury by submitting a ticket to the LMR department via the contact us form.

To submit a project, you must create a robot project page on LMR and then link to it here on this page (in the comments section) before the submission deadline (Sunday, December 6, 2015). You can give your post whatever name you want, but when you submit it as a comment here, please give the comment the title "FBS Contest Entry: Project Name" (Project Name changed to the name of your project) so it is easy to find, and include a short description of your app and its main features. The more detailed the description the easier it will be to assign more points to the entry appropriately!


RobotShop is offering the following to the winners in the form of RobotShop in-store credit:

First Prize $500

Second Prize $300

Third Prize $150

Additional Details

  1. Only members of LMR can participate in this contest, so if you’re not a member, then join - it's FREE after all!

  2. The coupon codes for the software will be emailed to all eligible registered user on Friday, October 2 2015. This coupon code can be used on the RobotShop website to purchase the FlowBotics Studio software for free or at 50% rebate depending on the code used.

  3. If the App is made public (for sale) via the RobotShop App Store, source material will be taken offline.

  4. If you already had FlowBotics Studio, no additional credit will be provided in place of the 50% off for < 6mo or free FlowBotics software for > 6mo.

  5. If you were already working on an App using FlowBotics Studio, you can certainly submit it.

  6. Multiple entries per contestant will be accepted. For example if you want to submit an App but with different aesthetics or layout, one may get more points than another.

  7. * We do understand this is subjective, but in the spirit of this contest, the objective is to create something new, and not just change a few colors. If you’re not sure if the app you’re working on is sufficiently different than something which already exists, then there’s no need to ask - it more than likely is and more work should be done to make it different.

  8. In order for the App to be accepted for sale via the RobotShop App Store, RobotShop staff will contact the creator and may request and help with specific changes such as implementing a license system.

  9. All apps created for this contest remain the full intellectual property of their creators/publishers. Apps will only be published on our app store if the creator wishes so and with approval of RobotShop. The prize money is completely free of any future requirements from the app creators and is offered to help promote this contest and participation.

Hi scharette

Thanks for the link

Do you use Flowbotics yourself?

I’m definitely going to have a look at this; I have been looking for a way to device apps for my projects.

It’ll be fun to have a play with this one and see wat I can come up with.






Its pretty cool that we can get flowbotics studio for free/discounted. That’s a real great deal. That said I have a question about the winning app(s). Is entering/winning app become the property of RS or does the app maker retain rights? Do we have the option to make the app free/open? Or is the prize money considered compensation? Sorry for all the questions, I just want to be clear (not that I have a chance of winning with all the talent around here,lol)

The competition & the apps

Hi Smashley,

Winning (and non winning) apps may or may not be published at the discretion of their creators and approval of RobotShop. All apps remain the full intellectual property of their creators. If RobotShop is interested in an app and the creator is interested in selling it on our store then a different process can be started that is independent of this competition.

The prize money is exactly that: a prize for the winners with no strings attached. We are simply very curious and excited to see what people can create with FlowBotics Studio!

FlowBotics Studio

Hi Craig,

Yes, I do use FlowBotics Studio. I am also currently in charge of the maintenance and development of this software tool.

Apologies for my ignorance :slight_smile:

It looks like a great bit of kit. I’m looking forward to having a go of it when the links are made live!

Having not done anything like this before I will have a go at creating something simple like an RC app or something, then look to bigger and better apps :slight_smile:

No worries :slight_smile:

Our default state is all ignorance concerning new things until we ask questions and get informed… :slight_smile: No need for apologies!

The software does come with many sample robotic apps will full source that you can modify and learn from. We also have this tutorial and this short guide about doing just that.

If you have any issues wiht the software feel free to check this forum category. A lot of common issues are already adressed there.

Thanks scharette!

I will have a look through the forums and see what I can find :slight_smile:

Thanks for the clarification!


This looks interesting and a

This looks interesting and a fun thing to work on.  

It sounds kind of like a SCADA package ala Intellution or Wonderware. Is there any way to hook into a dll to take advantage of functionality there?  




SCADA & DLLs are available

Hi Bill,

FlowBotics Studio does perform some of the functions of a SCADA package and you can read more about that and its other functions here. Concerning DLLs, there is a component available for DLL access. You can see more about this on page 97 of the component reference guide, available here. Here is an short example project using the DLL component.

All app creators keep their IP :slight_smile:

We added an extra point (#9) concerning your question since we believe many others may be wondering about this.


So if you use firmata for arduino you will get a point in the “can interface with arduino” thingy?

Arduino interfacing & bonus points

Hi Mr_Boo,

Indeed, any form of meaningful (serves a purpose / is useful to the app) interaction with Arduino and your robotic app will earn you this bonus point.

FlowBotics Studio can run on Linux?

I mainly use Linux for programming.

Linux & FBS

Hi Silux,

Currently, it is not possible to do so natively. Wine may work but usually you will be stopped by access violations. We are aware of this and it is in the road map for FBS (FlowBotics Studio). At this time, the best alternative is to run it in a VM (which works great).

Best way to add support for

Best way to add support for Linux is to start the project with being cross platform in mind. If you already use Java or Python it should be easy to port.
I have a Windows10 virtual machine purposedly tuned for these kind of programs:)

Links for registration


There will be a small delay in activating/displaying the links for registration for coupon codes. Unfortunately, I am somewhat new to Drupal and faced a few issues with the integration of a new module. We will keep you updated concerning this and fix it ASAP.

Links are live!

We’re happy to see registrations have started!

If you do not wish to participate in this challenge but would be interested in been part of the jury, don’t be shy to register for it, too!


Contest status

Hello to all!

Just to mention we currently have 15 people registered for the contest but there is still time to register! The registration (which includes a coupon code) is closing at 23h59m (EDT) today (2015-10-01) or in 8.5 hours!