Crusher - The Wheeled Tracker Robot

Mobile robot that uses the data acquired by an aerial camera to locate colored balls distributed on a playing field to then move towards them and by using a distance sensor and a front camera module make sure that it has the ball to finally transport it to a goal line defined by an AR marker. The robot has colored indicators on top of it in order to know its position in the field and is able to move autonomously through the field with the help of the onboard sensors.

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Your project is amazing and well documented.

Thank you Philippe :grin:

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Thanks also for using proper colors that are clear to distinguish! Many designs today use colors that make you doubt / are inbetween, yours is obvious :slight_smile:

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Are the AR markers standardized?
Is there a web generator or printable marker library?
Is there an OpenCV decoder or Numpy decoder?

Ps. Wouldn’t it be nice if global localization were always that “easy” (off-board smart resource.)

Hi @alanmcd,

Yes, it uses ArUco markers which can be generated in a variety of sizes. You simply have to choose the parameters according to your project and print it.

Check the following links for more info:

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