Connect your Arduino MKR1010 to the Arduino Cloud

The Arduino IoT Cloud is a online platform that makes it easy for you to create, deploy and monitor IoT projects. 

Many Arduino boards can be easily connected to the Arduino Cloud with a free plan or different professional plans.

Here we can see an overview based on the Arduino MKR1010 Wi-Fi board

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Earlier I used Cayenne IOT platform. Is this one something different?

I don’t know Cayenne IoT.
Just had a look now, Cayenne IoT seems a very good tools.
I think the difference may be that Arduino IoT Cloud refers also to Open Source boards ( like Arduino or ESP8266 or ESP32 bords ), and Cayenne Iot not ( but, attention, I don’t know Cayenne IoT )…

A news of today, is that you can use your phone as an IoT device in the Arduino Cloud

Planning to create a series? Looking forward to it!

Next week there will be the second step .
Just a look to the Arduino Sketch , how to write the firmware to connect to the Arduino Cloud