Competition Question

Hello, everybody! I have not been on for a while, sorry about that. Can any one give me a link to the January robot competition? I can’t find it. Thanks! :robot:

Hey @henry_bot ,
Hope you are well! And Welcome back :wink:
Happy to read you enjoy our monthly contests!
Unfortunately, for November and December, there were not enough projects qualified.
Please have a look at the conditions here to know: Robot & Tutorial of the Month Contest - Details, Conditions and Requirements

There must be a minimum of two eligible posts published by two different members in order to have a vote

Updated posts do not count; so there was no contest… :confused:
Hope we’ll have more during January!

Happy New Year :slight_smile:


Thanks Mariane! Happy new year! I am excited to say i want to participate in one of the monthly contests.Thanks for the link! :grinning:


Thanks @henry_bot Well, I look forward to seeing your project!
Any idea of what you’d like to work on ?

Yes. Me and a friend want to build a robot vacuum! It might be a challenge, but we have a while. :grinning:

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