*Chungas* Tracked Rover

Hey everyone, long time no see, been really busy with work (5 days a week 5-9, paying off with $130 a week though :smiley:) anyway

today i went out and got material for the “skin” of the rover, sadly i wasn’t able to get any aluminum (a little too expensive at 30 for a 15 x 18 sheet, and i would need about 8 of those (150 for material alone) so i ended up going with some steel (:lol:) i did this for a few reasons, the aluminum that my local Homedepot and Lowes had was not only expensive, but it was too thin for my application, it would have buckled while trying to support the tracks, the steel i was able to get for relativiley cheap price ($69 for 2 24X24 sheets) its as thick as the SES brackets

yes yes, i know steel is a great deal heavier than aluminum but i have already solved that issue and i plan on cutting lightening holes in the side panels that will be on either side of the track, also, this will only be for the side panels due the the need for strength in them, i will be using something thinner and lighter for the rest of the bot

i know that my jigsaw at home will not be able to cut through this stuff so i am calling on my dad’s friend’s machine shop and will hopefully get in there this coming weekend :smiley:, i will keep u guys updated on the progress


ps. i will take lots of pictures at the machine shop to keep u guys satisfied :laughing:

Well, long time no talk :slight_smile:, u guys sure have been busy with all these threads, jeez :laughing:

anyway, i wasn’t able to get the machine shop, but i did one thing better, i went out and bought my own band saw :smiley:, 9 in. band saw for $99, so far its works excellent, and i have been able to cut through all the steel and aluminum so it seems i made an excellent purchase

img187.imageshack.us/img187/7029/roversteelcutouts002tr2.th.jpg not bad huh :smiling_imp:

so far i have cut out the steel side panels of the rover, and i have cut up some aluminum rod that i will be making into standoffs :slight_smile:

here are some pictures

Step 1: Get some steel

Step 2: Cut out said steel into desired shape

(Step 2)

Step 3 is file down the edges and sand it, and step 4 is to spray paint it so it wont rust

The aluminum rods that i cut to make the stands offs (which will be a long and grueling process :cry:)

anyway, let me know wat u think so far, i will get pictures of the L brackets that im getting later today that will be the back bone of the structure (broke the last chassis on accident :cry:, i trip and fell on it and the top 2 C channels snapped at the drill sholes :frowning:)

anyway, let me know, i will be posting more images later today :slight_smile:

Very nice band saw man :slight_smile: It comes with a light? Thats wicked awesome! You can cut stuff in the dark now! I always wanted to do that because its safe, you know?

Very nice cuts. Far straighter than I expected :stuck_out_tongue: Does the band saw have a straight edge you can use to make straight cuts? The rods are also very nice clean cut.

You thought of a solution for making the steel erm, not rusted looking?

Good work man!

:laughing: Oh yea, i plan to do some night cutting defnatley, not only is it very safe, but it can wake some neighbors up too :laughing:

as to the straight cuts, yes the band saw does have a straight edge but i cant use it. the working platform is too small to cut the steel as it is, nvm with a straight edge in the way. they are so straight because i drew them out on the steel before i cut them and simply followed the lines, the drawings arn’t shown on the steel sheet because that is my 2nd sheet that i have not cut yet, i had already cut out the side panel before i was thrinking enough to get the camera and take pictures

yes, the band saw did an incredible job with the rods, sliced thorugh them like a hot knife through butter, even the steel isnt a big challenge

the rust looking-ness, lol, i am going to file and sand the panels down, and remove the current rust, then im going to spray paint them to prevent them from rusting again (most likley black)

thanks :slight_smile:


where did you get that bandsaw for sooo cheap? I’ll be needing one of those in a week when I start cutting my metal sheets for my MARC Robot 8)

i bought it at my local lowes (like homedpot if its not around where you live)

maybe 10-15 minutes set up time and its ready. oh yea, i also bought a saw blade for metal (duh) :slight_smile:

like i said though, works like a dream, runs nice and quiet wen ur not cutting anything, can talk normally to ppl even wen its on, even wen it is cutting something, it is still kinda quiet with the aluminum, steel is a bit louder

one recommendation, get 2-3 metal blades if ur going to be using steel, i have already lost quite a few teeth because of the steel, the aluminum was no problem though :slight_smile:

Very nice work Chunga!

Yeah, we have both a Lowes and Home Depot here in Texas.

You mentiond that you did not get the machine shop but got the band saw instead. Were you refering to a 3-in-1 Mill/lathe?

They are designed to be used at a lower speed. To prevent this you would need a variable speed band saw. Very nice job.

One more thing, a strait edge is usless on all but the biggest band saws because of the nature of the blade.


His Dad’s machine shop.

Dude - nice progress. Please keep us posted

excellent start on your next platform if I do say so

I do want mention about the rust though - I recently had to sand down my electrical panel box which was also plate steel and it rusted very quickly. You may want to put a stop the the rust as soon as you can otherwise you will have a larger cleanup later


Theres a HUGE ( and I mean huge) LOWES being built in Hamilton over here. I think its the first in Canada or Ontario… :smiley:

Ty for the comments everyone, SN96 i wanted to go to my dads friends (not my dads) machine shop and have him teach me how to use a 3 axis mill to cut it out, but since i have not been able to get there and my father couldn’t give me a set date, i just went out and bought a band saw for this project and future projects

cwkoehler, yes, i know, rust is a very big problem with plate steel and after drilling all the holes for the stand offs and taking the pictures of the mostly assembled rover (i will post them later on :smiley:) i am going to disemble (sp) it and sand and spray paint it

Now, for the pictures :slight_smile:

One of the side Panels with standoffs in place

Everyone like twins :slight_smile:

This is the part where my rover starts looking like…well…a rover :laughing:

The bottom plate resting on the stand off screws (i think it looks quite evil myself) Iso View

Front View

Side View

i jusr realized i have an issue at hannd and that is how the track probably wont fit because the stand offs are only 1.5", however, i am just going to put spacers on them to make them fit, i will do the same thing with the passive idlers too (that is, wen i get them) this way the track will fit neatly inbetween the 2 sheets seperated by the stand offs :slight_smile:

i am probably going to order the tracks, idlers, ad sprockets that i need at the end of this week, once i get my pay :slight_smile:

my are comming Monday *Nia Nia :stuck_out_tongue: *

JK :laughing:

A wise man once said - “Measure twice (or more than twice), cut once”

Your platform is coming together nicely


Why not use aluminum plate?

From what I remember in his older thread, the aluminum plating was too expensive. I may go down the same rought depending on the price as well. But I’ll be sure to cut and use rust spraypaint quickly so not to rust. :wink:

yes, it is very expensive thats why i didn’t use it, also the aluminum that was available was too thin and would be all floppy and wouldn’t be able to hold up the weight of the robot

cwkoehler, its not the fact that i measured too quickly or didn’t take care in it. its the fact that i over looked the track size, i was focused on building the standoffs to hold the passive idlers in (they fit between 1.5" standoffs perfectly) and i looked over that important fact :angry:

it wasn’t i cut it wrong its that i overlooked something :unamused:

Lol, going over measurements in my head and using two measuring tapes as a guide I realized my robot will be 14"
by l
12" l
Becuase I didnt add the 6" for the 3" tracks. Therefore my robots length is less than its width, which im hoping wont look as silly as I think, otherwise Im going to have to make the body an extra 2-4" longer to even things out :laughing:

Everyone makes mistakes. :wink:

…Thats why they have erasers on pencils :laughing:

lol, if only cut aluminum had a way to be erased :unamused:

as we speak i am sanding the plate steel down with a palm sander, it is working beautifully :slight_smile:, spray painting it too, gloss black (might put an evil skull or two on it later :smiling_imp:)

well, back to sanding and painting :slight_smile: