Chess playing robot gantry crane design

I am planning on making a gantry crane chess playing robot made of wood and i will be using a psu 5v power supply i have got the 123d motor controller board done i am trying to recreate Patrick mccabe’s chess playing robot link to his Chess Robot V1
he has made a version 2 on his website Patrick mccabe makes but i am sticking with version one i doing some things different though like the gripper and the motors. i will keep up to date on my account


Hello @Dante_Anderlich,

That’s awesome, thanks for sharing!

I know it is a completely different type of “chess robot” but I thought you could be interested in this project:

Good luck :slight_smile:

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thanks ill try and keep you updated

so here’s an update i got my wood and my servos and motors all ready i am working on connecting my psu 5v power supply to my motor driver board and the ic socket board I will probably start building either tomorrow or Saturday on the gantry crane and attaching the motors and next week on the servo motor gripper instead of 1 servo it will be 3 i will not be using a gearbox motor just a regular 5v hobby dc motor and some line sensors.

here are the links to all the supply’s
Bing line sensors HONJIE IC Dip Socket Double Row 20pins IC Socket Assortment 2.54mm Pitch IC Socket Adapter Black Color-25Pcs … : Industrial & Scientific ic socket

Midwest Products 5305 Plywood Sheet 1 Beige | eBay wood dc motors servos

keep in mind i had some of these already laying around so wasn’t as expensive for building this bot.


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so i have completed the gantry crane frame i have to make a few touches to it though. i have also been working on the circuit and the design on fritzing i will send you the photos and links to my fritzing project and the photos on the chess playing robot and circuit in real life. i will work on the servo connections after school. here’s what’s been done

-motor driver board
-gantry crane frame
-motor connections
-psu power supply connections

Sorry I haven’t posted lately I injured my foot really badly I couldn’t really walk but here’s what I got done before I have one more touch up on the hardware of the gantry design I have some photos I’ll share them later. I got all the wiring done including the servos and line sensors I just need to work on writing my own chew playing robot engine gui and the arduino code I will use processing 4 and alolt something like that my foot will be healed in a week after that I can bring it all together stay tuned.

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Oh, sorry to hear that. I hope it heals quickly.

hey guys sorry i havent updated in a awhile everything is done just orderd a few parts for the robot so waiting on those once i get them thyen i will make another update on the completion i give it another 1 or 2 weeks before everything is done stay tuned.

Hi, along with all the contents and parts lists who have studied and prepared so far, you can take a look at this too: Smart Chess Board - Share Project - PCBWay

This may help in some parts of your project.

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hey thanks for the helkp saved me some time i was thinking about building my own smart chess board but what youyve presented will help thanks so much