Chapter 4: How To Replace Roomba 500 Series Wheel Module | RobotShop Community

This repair guide explains how to replace the wheel module on a 500 series Roomba. For details on how to first disassemble your Roomba, please see Roomba 500 Series Servicing and Repair Guide Chapter 3: How to Open Up Roomba. Some of the 500 series Roombas are pictured below:


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oh woaw! thanks for the help!

Thanks for this post. I just got the error (it was something like “error 1 RIGHT move Roomba to a new location”, and it did tell me which side it was. So I took out the module, blew on it (no compressed air nearby) and put it back in and Roomba is happy again so I’m happy. It just finished and went back to its dock. Joy.

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