Changing the Forum Style

If you want to switch between the new prosilver and the old subsilver2 styles, follow these instructions:

]Click on “User Control Panel”. In prosilver, the link is at the top left. In subsilver2, the link is at the top right./:m]
]Click on the “Board Preferences” tab, and go to “Edit Global Settings”./:m]
]Scroll down to “My board style” and select either prosilver or subsilver2./:m]

Note: The “new” style is called prosilver and it has the avatar on the right side. The “old” style is called subsilver2 and looks more like the old style with the avatars on the left.

When the board was first updated, the default style was prosilver. The default is now subsilver. However, you will need to change your viewing style preferences if you do not want to use the prosilver style.

If you have any questions, ask!

Thanks for the info. I would describe the default “new” style as cramped, cluttered, busy with do-dads, and harder to read with poor definition seperating the post. I’ll try reverting to the “old” style.

I’ve changed the default over to the subsilver2 style, but that doesn’t affect people who already have accounts, just newly created accounts. So any current members will have to manually change their preferences if they want to switch from prosilver to subsilver2.

I changed over to the subsilver2 mode.

I’m wondering about the email alerts. there are three links, reportedly to do the following:

  • view the newest post made since your last visit

  • view the topic

  • view the forum

None of which appear take me to the announced new message of interest (Is it just me?).

Also, I no longer see options below the message on whether or not to “watch” the topic.

Alan KM6VV

Alan -

I’m not quite sure where you’re looking, but I’ll try to answer.

In subsilver2, the “go to post” links from the main forums or from the “new posts” screen do different things. The orange one at the beginning goes to the first post you haven’t read in the topic (the oldest unread post). The white one at the end goes to the latest post, regardless of where you stopped reading (the newest post). Of course, if you click on the topic name, you’ll go to the first post in the topic (oldest post).

If you want to sign up for email alerts on a particular topic, you’ll need to click on “Subscribe” at the top.


I’m thinking that “subscribing” is the same as “watching” in the different styles. If that’s not what you meant, let me know!

The “subscribing” alias is interesting. I was talking about the “Topic reply notification” that is sent via email.

The first of the three links

If you want to view the newest post made since your last visit, click the
following link:

should take one to the topic of the notification. The ones I get don’t. I did observe that the “45” at the end of the like is on a second line. Once can usually just clink on the link, and then “paste on” the remainder (45) to the link in the browser (although we didn’t have to do that before).

It seems we also miss the html-style selections that were offered when one opens the editor to reply or originate a message. Stuff like URL, PIX, CODE, etc. are all missing!


Alan KM6VV


I haven’t tried subscribing for forum updates, so I can’t say anything for sure regarding the email notification format. One thing I can think of - do you have HTML enabled in your email client? It looks to me like the link isn’t being properly formatted. I’ll look into this, though.

As far as the “html-style selections” go, are you referring to the buttons to press to make things bold and add URL or Img tags? When you’re posting, the area just above the post box should look like one of the attached images (depending on which style you’re using).

If I’m still not understanding, some screencaps from your end would be useful.


I got the html edit panel when replying elsewhere, just not here (?).

HTML is enabled, all worked before.

Screen cap below is my “quote” screen.

Alan KM6VV

Ah, the screenshot has it! You’ve got BBcode turned off (see in the lower left corner?) so that’s why the buttons don’t show up and your quote didn’t work.

You say that you get all your options when you post in other threads? I’ll look at the permissions panel and see if I need to tweak anything!

Edit: I’ve changed some permissions; can you tell me if this fixes the BBcode problem you’re having here?

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Yes, they’re up there now!

You might try out the links on the email alerts, they all seem to take me to the index.


Alan KM6VV

I tried using prosilver for a while and I liked the style but hated the icons. I found it hard to see what was going on like when a new post was made, user names, time/dates, etc…

I switched back to subsilver and I can whip through the threads with clarity as before. My only question is, it seems subsilver does not compact code snippets with a slide bar like prosilver does. This feature was fantastic. Is there a way to enable this in subsilver?

Mike- I’ll look into the scroll bar thing, though I can’t promise anything! It’s not that much of an issue if the code box is used exclusively for snippets and full code is attached, but I know that doesn’t matter for full code that’s already been posted. I’ll see what I can find.

It’s not a problem, it’s more of a luxury than anything else. If it can’t be done that’s fine. It was just nice to have the code compacted so scrolling through the rest of the forum was half the number of strokes with the mouse wheel. :laughing:

Thanks Beth for all of the hard work.

I keep switching back and forth and will probably go back to the old style as well.

There was an earlier post about spell checking, which I did not find here, however I did find a solution which appears to work and that was to download an add on called iespell…

Another wish list item would be to have the ability in advanced search to search by date. Not sure if it is readily available, but there were times when I would get a notification that a topic changed, click the link and look/reply and then leave. Then the next time I came in I lost all of the other topics that had changed that I did not look at and I either missed them or tried to manually look through the forums for when things were posted.


Wow. So much hate for the new look. :open_mouth:
Am I the only person who actually likes it? :laughing:

Actually I don’t dislike it, I am just not sure which one I like better yet! :laughing:

I think this is what you’re trying to do:
These settings will bring up anything posted within 1 day of the search, and by displaying as topics the results page will look like the “New Posts” page. Alternately you can display as posts, and just see the new posts.

You can do the same thing in the prosilver style, though you’ll have to look a bit to find the options I used.

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Yep found it! :blush: :open_mouth:

Thanks again

I like it. :slight_smile:

BTW for the spell checking, that’s not a new feature. All you have to do is right-click on the word you spell wrong, and usually there are some options to correct the word. Beyond that I’m not really sure what you mean by spell checking.

Okay, I’ve found fixes for making the off-site links behave the way they did before, and for adding the prosilver-style code boxes into the subsilver2 style. I won’t be the one to actually make the changes, but I am compiling a list to send off so these changes can be implemented.

I’m still looking into the email alert issue.

Are there any other issues anyone is having?