Call for reviewers MegaPi motion controller

Hi all!


Even late I wish you all a happy new year and now we're closing this long call for review.

I have to thank you all your interest and proposals in the comments, and here are the winners of the great MegaPi board:




I hope all you enjoy the new parts. I'm trully looking forward for your reviews. Here below we leave the call for review just in case someone has arrived late. There will be more call for reviews soon, don't stop posting your great content and see you soon!





Hi again dear LMR members!

Are you designing a robot or project to drive 10 servos and 8 DC motors/ 4 stepper motors simultaneously? No problem! With MegaPi it’s easy and fun!


MegaPi is a fusion between a very compact Arduino Atmega 2560 version and drives up to 10 motors! Not enough? It’s stackable with RaspberryPi! Do you want more? It’s so flexible that you can create from a 3D printer to a slow motion camera, or an autonomous robot.



Some of its features are:

  • Very easy to program with Arduino IDE.

  • Four motor driver interfaces for adding encoder motor driver and stepper motor driver, and thus to drive DC motors, encoder motors and stepper motors

  • One wireless communication interface for adding Bluetooth module or 2.4G module

  • Ten servo interfaces which enable the board to drive up to 10 servos at the same time

  • Two high-power MOS driver interface which is able to drive devices with a maximum current of 10A. Maximum output: DC 5V 3A

  • I/O Pins: 43

  • Analog Input Pins: 15

  • Serial Ports: 3

  • I2C Interface: 1

  • SPI Interface: 1

  • MegaPi integrates easily with Raspberry Pi to have the power of the two:


MegaPi with Raspberry Pi



It has many more useful specifications so it’s linked here. And here you have some great example of projects you can do with MegaPi:

mGiraffe 3D Printer Kit




Camera Dolly



CamBot(with Raspberry Pi)



Today we have the chance to get for free five nice MegaPi created by Makeblock for your reviews.

If you want to get a chance just tell in a comment:

  1. That you are a member for more than 3 months, with at least 2 publications of enough quality (it is at the discretion of LMR to decide that quality, but they are fair, just try your best!).

  2. Link your publications in your comment please.

  3. If you got any piece in the past for review from LMR, you have finished that review already. Please link your review(s), so we can check it ;-)

  4. What would you like to do with this MegaPi.

  5. That you will publish your review within one month after receiving your MegaPi. (You can publish several posts about the MegaPi, but the main one should be within one month).

Reviewers must:

  1. Use the “Tips on writing reviews at Let’s Make Robots”, and use pictures and videos in their review.  

  2. Consider using the videos with LMR intro and end. Not compulsory.

  3. And just in case anyone reading your review want to get one MegaPi, you agree to mention in your review that RobotShop is a distributor of this product with this link MegaPi at the beginning and end of your review (it is the least you can do for them right? ;-) ).

  4. Publish your review within one month after receiving your MegaPi.

Between all contestants LMR will select 5 LMR members who will receive for free and review this nice board. Good luck!


More information about the MegaPi in the MakeBlock site and here:


Driver modules types:

• Stepper motor driver

• DC/coding electric motor driver

Thus, don't forget to buy motor driver if you intend to do some projects with motor.We prepare some instructions :


User Guide:


Arduino IDE:

Makeblock HD App:


This board looks incredible!

I’ve been looking at using a RAMPS setup to control a CNC machine, but this looks tremendous. The ability to plug it into a Raspberry Pi would allow for a wonderful all-in-one setup.

I have reviewed a variety of products for LMR (Makeblock mBot, Hex bug Spider Robot, and currently waiting on the final few components to finally finish my Servo controller review), and also have done a review for element 14 on the Intel Edison development board.

As soon as I get my Servo board project (a soldering assistant equipped with three Servo arms to assist in holding wires and pcbs and a python app to control their movement) I would love to take a crack this!!


Hi Craighisset!

Thank you for your feedback, and congratulations for all your experiments. I’m looking forward for your Servo board project results. Let’s see how it goes for the MegaPi. Good luck!

thanks buddy!

Thanks Francisco!


Yeah I’ve defniltey been busy ha ha - also been working on a Pi/Arduino based modular aquarium monitor that provides feedback and automation for Aquarium setups. The system can be expanded to monitor up to 100 tanks, and isn’t limited to just aquariums so ideal for pet stores - just working on the hardware to get a really professional product i could possibly sell.

My CNC machine would certainly help in the production!

It’s my pleasure!

Oh that sounds fantastic!

I look forward to read your new reviews and posts :wink:


Hey is this review open?The

Hey is this review open?

The specs of this board are very impressive!! I would like to use it in a more complex version of a Hexapod. Maybe even stream video through the Rpi onto a website. I tried making a low-cost 3 Servo Hexapod. This module will enable more degrees of freedom by adding more servos. I’ll try and employ Inverse kinematics for better gait movement.

I have previously reviewed the Raspberry Pi Camera Module.

Indeed it is!

Yeah the call is still open!

You’re right, it is a great spec for a board!


I’d love to see what you can do with it as a robot controller.

We would love a chance @ reviewing this board!

  Hope the ‘Call’ is still open- We would like to use this board in one of the mini R2 units we are currently tinkering with. We also have one of the LMR tank bases, and may go with that instead. We’ve been members here for awhile, but haven’t posted much. That’ll change now that my son has started working on properly documenting his projects.

What he’s been working on:

His companion robot “Volt”

Volt’s Latest update:

Have a good one!




Yes, it is still open!

Hi Robodude,

Yes, the call for reviewers is still open. Thanks for your post and we’ll see it soon. 

Kind regards,




Thank you for your comment. Yes, the call for reviewers is still open. We’ll soon who will review this interesting board. Thanks!

Kind regards,


C’mon guys! What’s happening

C’mon guys! What’s happening here? 5 boards and just 3 entries?

It’s a great board for robotics! I would like very much to participate, but I have already my MegaPi.

When is the deadline for entries?

How do you find the MegaPi

How do you find the MegaPi buddy?

I hope to get my hands on one - I’m building a 3D Printer ( a DIY Prusa i3) and also a test frame which I’m hoping to use for cutting later which could both use a MegaPi :slight_smile:

Sorry for the late

Sorry for the late answer…

I got it with some parts provided by Makeblock for MDi #4 (take a look:

Also planning a CNC… so MegaPi already has guaranteed place.

I can’t wait to see your CNC

I can’t wait to see your CNC build buddy!

At this moment it’s just a

At this moment it’s just a plan… actually it’s been for a long time already.

But already bought a few parts… and now with the MegaPi I’m one step closer. :slight_smile:

I first started to build a

I first started to build a test rig to be able to use if I’m lucky enough to be selected for a MegaPi,  but really got the bug; I now have the test rig to a stage it could be used for latter cutting/etching and am half way through building my own Prusa i3 printer.

I’m going to look at using a ramps setup for my 3Dropbox printer, but if the MegaPi turns out to be great (which I think it will be) I’m going to buy a second one.


Is there a closing date for this?



What’s going on?!

Why haven’t more people applied for this?

There’s more boards than applicants!!

We would REALLY like to try one of these!

Our latest robot has two hands (5 micro servos each) and would like to use this board to control them - thanks!




I’ve built a Prusa i2 MkII

I’ve built a Prusa i2 MkII that I’d love to put this on.

Can’t wait to stick the MegaPi on it!