Call for reviewers MegaPi motion controller

Looking forward for it!


Oh Craig, that sounds great! Please detail it because I may build one too ;-) 

I guess

I guess that quite a few people, prefer a “bare bones” Mega. I know I do. It’s nice to have motor drivers etc. when you need them, if not they’re useless connections.

Like always it deppends…


Sure Code,

It deppends on what you have and what you want to do. But this board has many things to do control. It’s not just something better than other, however due to it has already four ports for drivers and the drivers, the solution is more compact and efficient than a bare Mega with four additional power boards. You can see it in the examples.


It’s a nice board, I was only responding to craigh’s question.

I can think up a dozen applications in which this board is very useful, but I don’t have any projects for it.

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