Autonomous and interactive gynoid robot

Gynoid , ou fembot , est un robot humanoïde féminin . Les gynoïdes apparaissent largement Dans le cinéma et l'art de la science-fiction. Alors Que la conception de robots humanoïdes , plus Réalistes DEVIENT technologiquement possible, les NIT émergent also Dans la conception de robots Réels .

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@L2REA Welcome to the RobotShop Community!

From what I can recall, this might be the first gynoid post I’ve seen here. Would you care to share additional images and videos? We have many animatronic enthusiasts who would be curious to see “under the hood”. Did you create molds for the face etc.?

This is obviously the best robot on the community! I can tell you worked very hard.

Hello cbenson
Thank you for your comment. Here are some more photos! :grinning:

The neck mechanism:

The left leg :
The back with the voice speaker at the top, the mini PC control screen at the bottom, and the mini pc inserted on the right:

The left arm without the skin:

The right hand:

the ssc-32 clone:

The voice-servo synchronization system of the mouth:

The back in progress with the blue card for powering the servos of the head and the mini PC which contains the motion management programs and the artificial intelligence Braina from Brainasoft:

Thank you very much dear friend for your nice comment. It is nice to see someone who appreciates the work! You are a prince among men!:grinning:

Have you tested the servos in the arm to see they have sufficient torque to raise the arm at each joint? I fear they might be underpowered.

The RDS3235 servos work very well with all the plastic arm joints of the manikin, but I had an unknown data which was the mass of the silicone skin by arm segments … and there, it no longer works with the RDS3235. The shoulder and elbow servos have therefore been replaced by RDS5160s which do their job bravely enough, even if they are noisy …
but I can’t do better with my small budget and I’m not robotic Hanson :grinning:

Hello L2REA I have a tpe love doll I was wondering if I could buy two robotic arm kits and multiple 17dof bipedal robot kits and wire them together to put inside of the love doll after connecting everything I was wondering if any of that would work and what I would need to make it possible thank you for your time and patience and I’m looking forward to hearing back from you soon!