Automated slicing tool/ robotic arm

Hi there. I am new to robotics/ electronics and I’m looking at making an automated slicing machine/ robotic arm that will rotate a 60cm long arm (roughly 0.5kg) from 0 degrees to 180 clockwise, rest for 20 seconds and then rotate back to 0 degrees anti-clockwise. I think I could possibly use a servo but I am unsure how to programme or wire anything up.

I would also be open to alternative methods to getting a slicing action, but I would prefer it to be as small as possible!

Many thanks in advance!

Hello @acmmngs and welcome to the RobotShop community :smiley:

That sounds like a cool project! I’m not sure if you already have the structure of the arm but you could look at the Robotic Arms & Grippers section and see if you find something that suits your needs. If you already own the arm and are just looking for the servo you could check out the Lynxmotion Robotic Arm Kits, and look at the What’s Included section were they list the components like the servo and controller board.

You could also find some inspiration in the Robots section where you can share your project as well and participate for the Robot of the Month Contest.

Good luck with your project :smile: